Honestly, I knew it was great last weekend.  Kent brought the house and gave us loads of great info.  What I didn't expect was the "buzz" that has lasted for a week after (and still going!).  Everything I think about, some phrase from Kent pops into my head.  I'm writing an email to a prospective bride about wedding photography, and all I can think about is the revolving door.  I'm teaching a group of people about online marketing and I think, "serve, serve, serve, and ask."  I lay awake thinking about piling it on and Kent's PMS strategy (lol) and get so excited about the chance to speak I can't sleep.  Just the business sense of the stuff he gave is so valuable in any business.  Can't wait to use it in my first speaking gig.  Thanks to Kent, I know that will come!

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Oh my gosh, ME TOO!  Thinking about it over and over these past few days. Speaker ID, message, niche - I even have been dreaming about it!

Dave, I can't WAIT TO SEE YOUR talk with all the great ideas that you will implement.

Such a pleasure to get to meet you!!

Live Beyond Awesome!


Hey Dave!

 Enjoyed meeting you at the boot camp!  I agree about the "buzzing" from the time with Kent. I drove from Pennsylvania so I had a long time to digest the thoughts. I laid out much of my transition out of my existing business to what the new venture will look like.  The one which resonated for me was "pick one" as I have five directions I could head in. Kent's advice was spot on as it now gives me a specific direction to go.

How is your photography business doing?  Do you specialize in any particular venues? Your business card shows several types of photography. 

Looking forward to watching your growth!!!  

The Best Is Yet To Be!!! --- Jerry 

I'm just now getting to look at this discussion.

First off, Dave, thanks for starting it. And thanks for the kind words. So glad to serve and add value, my friend.

Second, I think one of the reasons you are so pumped is because your story and brand is amazing! I'm not just saying that to make you feel good. Be sure to read this word again: AMAZING! I can't wait to see how you develop it. Since I'm in the student market, I know "Overcoming the Snapshots of Your Life" or something similar to that phrase can be an absolutely grand slam brand and message.

Speak it forward, my friend!

Jen and Dave,  My mind has been racing since I left the boot camp. I spent the weekend reworking my website, completely revamping the look.  I have a desire to put seminars together that I put on, which is a bit different then some speakers.  Yes, I do want to get booked by event planners but I also want to do my own.  Any suggestions?

Scott...my suggestion would be to follow what Dan did. Figure out 100-120 companies that would want the kind of training/seminars you provide, and then start doing nurture marketing with them (revolving door marketing).  

Scott, how fun! I would love to "host" some seminars as well eventually. I like the "behind" the scenes type of things and am awesome at putting events together. Sounds like you have been busy since bootcamp - hoping you will post your website so we can all take a peek when you are done!


Two weeks- still buzzing, so I couldn't agree more!


When did you say the fall boot camp would be?
I just gave a keynote Memorial Day speech in front of about 2,000 people in 90 degree heat. Everyone tells me I did great, but I am sure you can teach me some tricks to make it much better.
Can't wait!

Congrats, Claudia! We'll definitely deal with presentation...but even more, we'll deal with how to develop a speaking business.

Dates: Oct. 25-27.


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