I am launching a new business-- not sure yet what to name it.. here is the website if you would take a look at it for me http://christianlifeprinciples.weebly.com/  ... feedback is very much appreciated. My main question right now is what would be the best way(s) to advertise it? I am working on using my social media presence via facebook to get some feedback...but no one has commented on it. Please let me know what you think...if you have any name suggestions, and most importantly, ideas on how to advertise it. Thank you!! Mary

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I love the concept you have developed. There can never be enough outlets and resources to inspire!

You have a truly amazing story to tell and I know a lot of people will be touched by your words.

As for the marketing - I tell you what. I have a new business start up book that I plan to launch in February. If you will shoot me a message with your e-mail address I will forward you the section on marketing and advertising. I think you will find it helpful as you move forward. I would post it here but it is too comprehensive for a discussion post.

There are many different ways you can market. The key is to focus your campaign on your perfect customer. You can do this with blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, and other solutions once you have a following. To begin you will likely need to focus on two areas. 1) Speaking Engagements and 2) providing answers on other public forums.

Cam has a new website to help people with their walk with Christ. He may have some helpful insight as well.

You will find that many of the members here in the Real Business Solution Center are happy to share ideas and provide encouragement.  

Mary, I just forwarded the information to your e-mail. Let us know what you think!

Mary, great concept, and very powerful Story you have... You have something really strong that you can use to help transform lives of many people...

Terry, gave you awesome feedback, and any material he gives you jump on it! 

Strengthening your brand, and developing the marketing funnels that can reach you pretty easily should be one of your main priorities. There are many ways to reach you audience, but think about how you are going to get your audience to reach you, and when they see you, will they immediately say in their minds, "Wow, they have what I need, right now"...

They have a need they feel right now, whether it's the wrong need or the right need, you need to be able to portray whatever it is, you have the solution, and in order to take advantage of that solution, "This (Your Call to Action) is what you need to DO right now"....

Right away when I go to your site, I don't feel the urgency that could fix me, and make me better... Think about that... How are you going to emotionally charge your audience to get the help they need?

Good stuff Rob. Thanks for responding to Mary's request.

Hi Mary,

Terry and Rob give some great advice and I want to echo much of it, but go way deeper.

If you visit reflectivebiblestudy.com (my main site), you will be greeted with a simple sales letter and a opt-in form in the sidebar. For opting in, people get a free gift (30 days of free Bible studies). The list is a newsletter list, and each week I send out some spiritually uplifting and/or challenging thoughts. We recently finished working through a book rewrite that I was sending out over the majority of last year.

Why I mention this is that ALL of this information is 100% free, and all that is asked is a name and email address. To-date, less than 100 people are signed up in this free email list. To-date, zero people have purchased the full study package that I offer.

The internet marketing world has changed in the last year and way more in the past five years, and most people are being left behind. Right now, video is huge and while it isn't required yet, it is heading that way.

What has changed is that in order to make sales, even into a 'continuity program' like you are developing, you must give things away for free. And more importantly, you must give away things that build trust between you and your visitors/subscribers. I am currently completely reworking my sales strategy, because I am several years behind the game in what many people still believe to be a 'good' strategy.

Many people will tell you that social media is where you need to be, and they are right . . . but I would work on developing a better website and sales process, before trying to send people to a page that they will likely 'bounce' off of.


Hopefully, this doesn't come across as being negative. I'm completely with you on this online journey, and I'm learning, growing, and adapting too. Hopefully this will be inspiration to get better and more intentional. That's what I am learning right now, and in a month or two, I plan to see the results!


Thanks Cam. You have provided some really great insight as well. Engaging your "Perfect Customer" is key to success!

Wow Cam! Awesome, Awesome advice... 

I've heard several times on the 48Days podcast - 95% of content on the .com website is free.  5% is softly offered for sale.  Great information being exchanged here.

Wow, thank you all on the great feedback. I agree, a video of myself on the front page, with an opt in for free valuable information/gift, and a better sales letter is much needed. Currently, I'm 7 months pregnant, an at home mom with my one year old toddler, and running a full time pet sitting business--while I develop this and two other business ideas. --I'm only saying all of this because that is why I'm slower to action right now on this.

I definitely plan to tweak my page alot...but I am working on a project before this--an ebook on how to create your own thriving pet sitting business--which I am almost finished writing, just have to type it up, save it in PDF, and tweak the paypal button and sales page on that site. I want to use the income generated from that to produce a better site for this membership program idea--(it is currently on a 'free site' that doesn't allow video, etc.

Another question, what should I offer free for this one? I could offer a bunch of different things but my target audience is 'upper crust (wealthy) female Christians age 30-50. What would these women want? I'm guessing a smaller freebie version of what I'm selling them, or a first month free package or something. I'd probably collect a lot of emails with offering a free trial package--and maybe I could offer that they just have to sign up and they can cancel after the first month if they aren't satisfied.

Terry, I apologize that I still haven't been able to read through all of that fantastic marketing information you sent me. I am working on it.

After this site is truly up and ready for action, my plan to get prospects to it is: write an e-article per day on different public article sites (like e-zine articles) and then they can click the link at the bottom after reading the article. :) Thanks again for all of your insight! Any name suggestions are appreciated!

Mary, certainly no rush on my part. Take your time (it sounds like you have your hands full)!!!!!

You will find that this is a great group of folks. Everyone is more than willing to help the other members.

As for the give away - I would suggest a free download. Perhaps a free daily devotional guide, a free story about how you change your life using the tools you will be providing through the site, etc...

The key is to give them something that doesn't require additional effort on your part.....and yet is something that would intrigue them to click through and download the material.


Hi Mary,

Definitely don't rush because you think you need to, or because you feel outside pressure to 'launch' fast. It is better to build a solid foundation than to rush through life.

It sounds as though you have several projects on the table right now. Are they connected to each other, or are they separate? The reason I ask is that its best to not stretch yourself too thin working on projects that don't relate to one another. That will steal your effectiveness and focus away from all the projects you are doing -- and except for rare cases, it will show.

To answer your question on what to offer, I have a suggestion that is very 'unconventional' but that I learned from Brendon Burchard, and if I was planning on doing something like you suggest, I would go this route:

  1. Create your blog and remove all the menus and navigation. Only have a simple header image, and then content. (You could have a link to an about me and/or contact me page in the footer but nothing else.)
  2. For each month post your content to the blog and immediately following your content, include the following two things before the comments section:
    1. A share box so that people can easily share your information to the world if they like it.
    2. A paypal opt-in box telling people that if they enjoyed your content, they can subscribe for $67/month, although I would drop the price at the beginning or do split testing to see what works best. Many big names in Internet marketing are offering programs similar to this style for $20 or even less in some cases.
  3. Then share your own content over facebook and twitter for the first few months than taper off slowly until your fans are doing the marketing for you. Definitely encourage people to share your content and allow anyone with the link to the post to see the real deal for free. (Make sure there is no navigation though, because that is the incentive for people to subscribe. If they see they can get past posts, they will be tempted to wait or not sign up.)

This is a very unconventional way to create recurring income from your blogging efforts, but it is one of the easiest ways to start that also encourages your content to go viral if people like it.

This strategy is definitely what I would be doing if I was trying to set up a continuity/membership style program, because it is so much easier than almost all the other methods available.


thanks.  Although my situation is very different than Mary's, your suggested route has helped me with my present stumbling block.  Thank you, Thank you.


Check it out!

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