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Hello everyone! 

I'd love to know the biggest lesson you have learned so far in your business or career? 

For me, it's being true to myself- and that takes a lot of self awareness! I first have to be clear on what works for ME and stick to it....regardless of how many experts seem to share contrary advice. 

My biggest lesson has been that I built a business that was not a fit for how I am wired. I love the idea of being location independent and quickly became married to building an online platform to be able to make money while I traveled and have recurring revenue. What I learned is that it takes a loooonnnng time to do that, and that you need to be deeply diving into an area of marketing that is not a good fit for me. My best marketing? Networking and speaking to people- which requires me getting in front of people. So working from home with limited human interaction ended up sucking a lot of joy out of my life. 

WHen I paused my online marketing efforts and focused more on local networking, in 6 months I TRIPPLED my income and have so much fun doing it. 

What about you? 

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Hello Stephanie,  

We need to understand and accept ourselves in terms of our wiring, how we best operate and what gives us energy, then find a role, place and people that allow us to flourish.  Also, we must listen to feedback the world gives us, to see that feedback with clear eyes and not necessarily through the prism of corporate culture. 

For example, I like working in quiet for some time every day but only to a point.  After doing this too long, I can begin to feel my energy drain away and my mood decline.  This is restored by interaction with a client or coworker.  I seem to benefit a lot myself from encouraging others, sharing what I know and problem solving.  Two people I work with are developing side endeavors and I love to hear how they are doing and nudge them forward.  I dare say that is fun!

I enjoyed your recent interview with "The Iron Jen."


Hi Paul!

Thanks for your insight. It is so important to pay attention to who we are and be true to that. Its a phrase thats thrown around alot but few know HOW to do that. Coaching has really helped me improve self awareness to pay attention to what is working, what isn't and why.

Thanks for listening in on my interview!

Hello Stephanie,

I ran a residential remodeling and new construction business for the last 10 years and the biggest lesson that I have learned so far is how important it is to have a good separation between the business and family!  I am a work-a-holic and take a lot of pride in my work and clients.  As a result when others would drop the ball (employees, subcontractors, etc) or clients needed extra attention, I would rush in to save the day, but unfortunately too many times at the expense of family time.  I found myself working all the time, missing out on family, and ended up burnt out!  Having that good balance has been so hard for me to do because I truly care about the work that I do.  I am sure many others have faced this or a similar situation.

Because of the burn out, I have spent the last year working as an employee and have found that my entrepreneur side of me is scratching at the walls.  I am spending a lot of time now really digging deep to identify my god given talents are and how I can serve humanity with them.  I am discovering that I love to help people in the area of construction through teaching them about the process, techniques and tips, etc.  So I am looking at the idea of being a DIY coach.  

Understanding our strengths and weaknesses has been a good challenge for me and so important.


Justin, Thanks so much for sharing! Yes- when we love our work and care about it we must be cautious to balance our family lives with work lives. That is the danger of loving what you do so much that you do it all that time. Too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing.

Please let me know how I can support you on the journey of discovering you God given talents and how to apply this to serving humanity through your passions. Its my passion to help serve others through this process.

I've learned that sacrificing my health, and family's emotional stability,for a career, in order to provide for them is never good. Even though the popular mentality is "you're taking care of your family's needs, and they need to understand this...." Most families have needs that supercede financial needs, and even when you think you're striking a balance, between their emotional and financial  need, you may still be falling woefully short. For me 2017 is about "change", a complete makeover, or fresh start, and focus on family healing, and my physical healing, moving forward. 
No "career" should be worth that kind of sacrifice.

Well stated Matthew! Sacrificing our health for the sake of providing for our families is not much provision afterall. 

I think a lot of men feel a pressure to provide for their families but end up extremely stressed, emotionally unavailable and their health takes a hit. They soon realize that it isn't worth it. 

Good for you! I pray that 2017 is a year of positive change. 


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