Hi again,

I think I am loosing it. First, my Subscribe button is no longer on my menu bar and I don't know where it went. I am using Thesis and it was there at one time. Did it disappear when I installed powerpress? Also, I like the way my site looks on my laptop with 14inch 16:9 aspect, but if you pull it up on a larger screen it is still the same size as my little screen. The site is Jesusfreaktrucker.com.

Any ideas?


Tom Ballard

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I see your subscribe button. What browser are you using?

The size thing is a matter of screen resolutions. The bigger the screen gets, the more pixels they display on it, rather than making the pixels larger—in most cases.

Lets say your 14" laptop screen is 1,440 x 900. At that size, you get about 93 pixels per inch. But then compare that to my 24" monitor running at 1,920 x 1,200, which comes out to 96 pixels per inch. So a pixel will look about the same size on both screens.

How this applies to you is that your site is built with pixels. So if you look at your site on another screen that has about the same pixels per inch, then your site will look the same physical size.

But I also have a 17" laptop running at 1,920 x 1,200, so the same pixel dimensions as my 24" monitor, but fit into a smaller space. So the pixels per inch goes up to about 136. So here, your website will look smaller on my 17" MacBook Pro than on my 24" monitor, because they're the same resolutions.

In general, larger monitors are designed to hold more pixels, not just to make the pixels bigger. That's why you don't see many 1080p 20 inch TV screens.

If you wanted a bigger monitor to show things bigger, then you would have to get a big monitor with a low resolution, since LCD monitors aren't good to run at anything other than their designed resolutions.

I threw a lot of numbers and arithmetic out. I hope it didn't put anyone to sleep. :P

Thanks for the info. I also managed to loose the ability to alter certain colors. I finally re-loaded - no reset, but had to completely reload Thesis. It has a few issues with the nav menu, but I am learning. By the way, you put out some good stuff. I live listening to it.


I'm seeing the subscribe button as well. 

Hi cliff.

This is what I am learning about Thesis and WordPress. Keep in mind that everyone in the Thesis fan bunch is talking about 2.0 that is right around the corner. Keep in mind I just removed and re-installed Thesis. Resetting didn't clear it.

In the Nav Menu box you have 2 choices. The first is Wordpress and it is the default. The second is Thesis, with a notice that you should use the WP choice due to the feature being "deprecated" in 2.0. As soon as I mess with the menu I loose my subscribe button.

Also, Powerpress has feed options, and the feed burner plug-in has feed options. I am thinking I am going to try to get my subscribe widget going and fix it that way. While I am at it, is your Thesis tutorial on 1.8.4? 

Thanks for all you do fur us podcasting "lunkers" out here. It really helps

god Bless,

Tom Ballard

Ah ha! So the "Subscribe" link we see isn't what you're talking about?

If you set Thesis to use WordPress menus, then you have to make the menu that it will use. Go to Appearance > Menus to create one and set it as your primary menu. If you checkmark the "automatically include top-level pages," you won't have to go back to add a regular page (like about, contact, etc.).

You can also add links to anything offsite from these menus. Enter your RSS URL into the custom link, give it a name, and then you have your RSS menu item. The same is true for linking to your podcast in iTunes.

Do you have any examples or screenshots showing exactly what you're trying to accomplish?

The subscribe link is what I was asking about, but by the time you saw the site I had completely deleted Thesis and re-installed it. Somewhere in the interface between WP nav and thesis is the ability to totally lock up your color choices on certain things and that cleared it. As soon as I went with the WP nav menue on the new download the rss went away again.

My goal is a Christian podcast for and about trucking. It would be a great way to combine my two biggest passions. My hope would be to monetize the site somewhere down the line to help cover medical bills for my wife's on-going cancer treatment. (She has Multiple myeloma)   At the center of my target audience would be over-the-road truckers out over the weekend, as that was always the hardest part of the week for me. 2nd would be truckers in general and 3rd would be anyone interested in the industry. I already have an account at Libsyn and just need to get the site set up and the feeds figured out.

I hope that helps. I will be on the road tonight and tomorrow and will use my time to catch up on a few podcasts including your last Two. I think I will give your Powerpress episode a relisten too.

Thanks again,

Tom Ballard

My tutorial is for Thesis 1.8.0

I use the Thesis Nav menu on all my sites.

I am assuming from what I read in the menu options that if I use Thesis Nav, the one I would rather use anyway, that I will end up changing it soon when 2.0 is out. If that is the case I will set it up with WP and not have to change it. The learning curve is slow but steady here.

I never did figure out just what locked my colors.


I just wanted to put a final follow-up for what I figured out.

1.  Thesis 2.0 will necessitate the use of Wordpress Nav menue so I might as well learn it.

2.  You will loose your subscribe button. Use the subscribe widget and make one that fits your needs.

3.  Every site that looks like the type of site I would like to emulate does NOT use the canned subscribe button anyway, so why not learn how to set it up the right way now.

4.  Guys like  Daniel Lewis, Cliff Ravenscraft, James Dibben and Justin Lukasavige make the world a better place. thanks for all of the help and encouragement.

5.  Off topic, but be careful not to accidentally pick up a space on the end off an rss feed when copying and pasting. I spent an hour chasing a character i couldn't see.

Thanks for the update Tome. Have a blessed weekend!


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