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I was going to ask this question of cliff, but I decided to put it out for everyone. I am in the process of building a new website. I own a few domain names and will use one of them to launch a new podcast. Although I would like to plug it here, I am not at that point yet. On to the question.

What would be an appropriate situation to use a podcast site like podbean or blogtalkradio? Rather than post a trash comment about these sites, see if you have an answer. I know blogtalk, although a little pricey, does serve well for a live call-in format although most will then link it to their site. Podbean looks like it really hinders the ability to monetize your podcast, but I have to think it may be useful to link back.

As I said, please don't just take an opportunity to trash these two choices without any objectivity, they must fill a niche somewhere.

Happy podcasting,

Tom Ballard

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I agree 100% with "About the only thing I would use Blogtalkradio (or talkshoe) would be for the live call-in type show. but I would still record the episode separately and post it to my own blog as a true podcast."

This has been my approach with such services.  

Since you are requesting that nothing negative be shared about BTW BTR or Podbean, I'll simply remain silent on both topics. :)

I'll try to hold back the snarkiness.

I did a podbean and btr experiment. I was never able to get podbeans ftp system to work. Once you sign up at podbean there are no buttons to unsubscribe (but plenty to upgrade). I've often found times when I was unable to upload a file and when I was it was slow. I have offered to interview them on my podcast for protesters (their target market) and they never got back to me. It took four emails to them to get them to tell me where they were based out of (one word answer Canada). I authored several blog posts about my experience at http://davidjackson.org/?s=podbean

I know of one person who should use Blogtalkradio.com I was working with an elderly woman (70+) who was afraid of paypal, skype and all things technology. After weeks of coaching, I couldn't even get her to come into a meeting where I could show her one on one how to use Audacity. She mentioned she was moving to blogtalkradio, and I told her to use Feedburner to submit to her feed to iTunes and off she went. God bless her, I'm sure she's having a blast.

If I wanted to go live, I would use a service such as mixlr.com or spreaker.com and if you have another computer, call a free conference call line on computer 2 and patch it into your mixer. Your audio will sound better, you won't have to worry about these services "helping you" by submitting your podcast to iTunes. If you really want to own everything, you could use SAM Broadcaster and use a streaming site to creat your own "Internet Radio Show" (something I'm playing with at the moment).

The niche they fill is for the uninformed and those who desperately want to be "on the radio" (notice I didn't say stupid -both have affiliate programs so Internet people love to promote them),. I've had a larger audience playing with mixlr.com and spreaker then I did on BTR. BTR does make it easy. I will give them that. But their audio is unlistenable (to me). Podbean (IMHO) is just shady. We know very little about this company. I know all sorts of thigns about blubrry and libsyn.

Dave Jackson

I wasn't looking for just positive reviews.  I was just trying to get some objective thought on the subject. I know of a couple of night time radio programs that use the blogtalk service for pre-recorded question and answer shows. As far as podbean goes, what I am finding is it would be a good way to put out an audio program if you aren't trying to grow an audience or monetize the site. The free portion of either of these services could also be a good place to learn a little bit about the podcasting side of things, but sooner or later you have to learn Wordpress or get out of the water.

God Bless,



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