I have a huge passion for film and TV. I went to film school briefly and even though the film industry is not for me, I still love to analyze film and TV while I enjoy it.

Is there a way I can incorporate podcasting/YouTube/etc in order to actually make money reviewing TV episodes and Films?

Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks!

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Have you seen others do it? That's a great starting point.

Also, I would recommend buying Pat Flynn's book, Will it Fly?

Hey Caleb - If you don't know it already, Cliff Ravenscraft's story may be helpful.

Here's a link http://podcastanswerman.com/blogworldnyctalk/

Thanks for sharing Alan that link Alan.

Caleb, it is important to know, that with my own personal experience, I allowed my podcast experience devoted to the tv show LOST, and a few other tv shows, to lead me into a business around podcast consulting/training.

I've known a few people who have generated "some income" from these types of podcasts.  However, I haven't met anyone who makes a significant, full-tim, income from doing it.

So you would say that it has helped you get to a place where you could generate an income with your podcast consulting and training rather than doing a podcast about TV shows and getting paid for that?
I will check him out, thanks!



Check it out!

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