At Christmas, graduation, birthday, or at someone's retirement/separation from the military, giving a veteran a gift that is helpful for their job search can be thoughtful and helpful. During this season we consider some great gift ideas for veterans.

Great Books: Let's start with "48 Days to the Work You live" and "No More Dreaded Mondays" by Dan Miller. These are must-haves and must-reads for all transitioning military members, but there are so many other great books. A great book can be a great gift--and with the right inscription from you, a source of encouragement and hope for years to come. ($-$$)

Electronic Organizers: Whether a new phone, a tablet device, or a new laptop, a tech-refresh can provide a boost to a job seekers motivation and confidence. ($$$-$$$$)

Professional Attire: A new suit can be a huge boost to any job seeker. Properly fitted and tailored, a new suit can make the difference from landing that dream job and having the job search drag on for too long. ($$$-$$$$)

LinkedIn Premium Package: LinkedIn is the premier professional networking website, offering a wide range of resources for professionals around the world. To unlock the real power of LinkedIn, job seekers need to consider adding a premium package to their membership. These packages are expensive by most comparisons, which makes it a great gift if you have the means. ($$$)

Massage/Relaxation Package: A job search can be exhausting, and a transitioning veteran is unlikely to splurge on message and relaxation packages when they are job hunting. Interestingly, this is likely when they need this the most. ($$-$$$)

Coaching Sessions: 48Days.net is a great place to find a coach! If you are a coach and have a link to the military either as a veteran, spouse, or family member of a veteran, and can offer coaching sessions as a part of a gift package, please let us know. Personal coaching in transition might be the best gift a veteran ever receives. ($$-$$$$)

What are the best gifts you’ve given/received for your transition?

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