Below are some tools for conducting online Mastermind Groups.  PLEASE add yours to the list to help everyone out.  I've used all of these for my own web design business.

Audio and/or Video conferencing:

  • Google Hangouts:  a free tool that let's you do video group chats.  You need to have a Google+ account and probably a gmail account (email) which is also free
  • Video Skype:  I believe this costs money to do a group video Skype call.  This also has screen sharing which can come in handy for showing others your computer screen.
  • Audio Skype:  The same my apply here
  • FreeConferenceCall.com:  This lets you have a free conference call with a group of people.  I've used it a lot for my business and it's always been a great service.

Scheduling (this might be good for the first few meetings until you find out the best day/time to meet):

  • WhenIsGood.net:  Find out the best days/times that are available for the group by "painting" in your own available day/time.  FREE
  • Tungle.me (www.tungle.me):  I believe this has a group feature which will allow the group to see when everyone is available.  FREE

Screen Sharing:

  • Join.me (www.Join.me):  This is a FREE service that allows multiple people to view your screen.
  • Skype:  This also has screen sharing for FREE

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THANK YOU for posting! This post is being put into my favorites to reference back to.

Live Beyond Awesome my friend!


Thanks for posting these tools Jeff.  I just started my own mastermind of women speakers /social entrepreneurs, so the timing is perfect.

Great stuff, here, Jeff.   This age of technology could well remove the barrier of physical location from having people join!



I'll say the obvious one: Facebook (or 48days which I just discovered).

It's a great way to have an ongoing discussion (between meetings) and get immediate feedback. Please it's great to chronicle your achievements so you can look back for motivation for the future.

Great addition Benjamin.  Thanks for adding it to the list.



Check it out!

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