Hey, I'm wondering if anyone is in the South-Western Ohio area & looking to start a mastermind group together about growing, launching, and marketing a business from idea to profitable...

If that describes you, jot some ideas down in the comments below.

David Robertson

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Hi, David! I'm in Northern Kentucky and launched into full-time freelance web design last summer.

Hi Daniel! Sorry for the delay here.

That's great to hear! How are things going in business?

Did you ever find anyone other than Daniel who is interested?

Hi David,

This maybe a late reply, but I live in the Dayton area.  Please let me know if you're still opening to accepting people in your Mastermind Group.


Hey David,

I live in the Xenia area and was wanting to know if you were able to start your group.


I'm not sure if David truly started.  But I'm hoping to start a group of my own real soon with pastors and other leaders within the Dayton area if you're interested.



I would be interested in joining your group. Please keep me informed about the group and the potential start date. Do you have any set topic or focus for the group as you start it up?

Benjamin Carl


I will be focusing on the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership by John Maxwell.  I would like the group to be limited to 12 people.  I have about 4 people in mind already to join the group.  I would like the group members to commit to the mastermind group for 1 year with at least 80% attendance for the one year.



I would be interested in joining your group.  Let me know if you would consider letting me join.   I haven't read any of John Maxwell's books yet.  Which one would cover his 21 irrefutable laws?  

I have read 48 Days, Wisdom Meets Passion, No more Mondays by Dan, the Travelers Gift by Andy Andrews and Entreleadership by Dave after going through Financial Peace this past  spring.  I have been tearing through books.

The one place I am not taking action is seeking the advice of others.  A group would be great for that.

What day of the week are you thinking about meeting? Please keep me in mind.


Don Timmer



That's great! I'm thinking about meeting around the morning time between 8:30 - 9:30 am every week (with exception of holidays) on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

And...congrats on being debt free!!!  I'm glad that the class helped you out!  That's awesome!


Thanks Elmer, the class has been a god send.  I will have to see what my schedule will look like for 8:30 to 9:30 a.m..  I am planning to stay at my current employer for at least the next year.  I am looking for what I want to pursue/what I am passionate about.  

Let me know once you finalize and I will see what I can do.




What's your email address?  I will be updating MMG group details through my email.




Check it out!

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