Let's face it, we all have marketing hurdles we must overcome. Some of them are specific to our situations; others are more universal.

What hurdles are you facing?

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I'm a freelancer. I'm busy already with little or no marketing. If I market, I may get more work--who's gonna do it? Cuz I'm too busy...

I'm saying this *somewhat* tongue-in-cheek -- but may be more truthful than I realize...

I totally understand, Chet. I think there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are in the same situation. I realized I couldn't grow my writing/course creating business without adding hours to the day. Once I added coaching to the mix, I was able to expand my business. Now, rather than create content for people, I teach them how to create it.

I was maxed out and found a way around it. However, not every profession has that as an available option. Hopefully we will be able to look at some things that will help you on all fronts. Thanks for joining the group!

I need paying customers. Finding the people that are at the point to pull the trigger seems a bit elusive at the moment. I have a brand new video course online now. I hope that will be an onramp point for some people maybe not ready for coaching yet.

Hey Brian,

That's interesting- so you're concerned about getting people who are ready to buy... Do you have any free products/services where people can enter your sales funnel?

Are you charging for your video course? 


Thanks for inquiring. I have a free toolkit for people that sign up for my site. I also have a free (short) video on how to create a value statement. There is a free Intro to Wordpress video course that I license (I did not produce it myself).

The new "Jumpstart Your Startup" video is a paid course. It is designed for new or aspiring entrepreneurs. My next plan would be to get a course up for someone already in business.

Does that answer your questions? Any thoughts, based on that? Thanks again for your time.


Hey There Brian,

I just checked out your website and I love the logo. It seems like you've got all the pieces in place internally just wondering if maybe there's some processes that could connect all the pieces.

Once I sign up for the free guide, what happens next?

Are you getting a decent amount of traffic to your site regularly?

Thanks Daniel,

I don't have an official "next step" after someone signs up for the toolkit. I have about 185 that have signed up for that over the past year or so...so not great results.

I don't feel I am getting good traffic to the site either. About 1800 page views so far in 2016 and 900 users. But no real steady growth.

Have you thought about maybe providing a more engaging next-step after the toolkit download? Maybe a free webinar where you can provide more free info, then transition into selling one of your courses?

Also, how are people finding your site currently?

That is probably a good idea. I have not run a webinar yet either.

I don't think people are finding my site very well...that's part of the problem. I don't seem to be getting much traffic other than where people have seen my links.

You're probably going to keep running into that issue. I would count on ALL of your traffic coming from people who've seen your links. Especially at the start.

So the question is: How can you get your link in front of as many people in your target market as possible?

Working on that...since my spam campaign didn't fly (JK)!

I'm tweaking my target audience and trying to be very specific. I will still have a large enough pool, but won't waste my time on "supporting" type  targets.

I'm at the very beginning. Two things come to mind: fear of failure/unknown/rejection and jumping out too soon before the product is ready for prime time.



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