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Hello! I just joined this group! Can anyone recommend an easy guide for tying together the use of a small business website (mine is www.letsgosew.com), Facebook, and Instagram for a solopreneur? I am a freelance educator in the world of sewing and machine embroidery. I write, travel, teach, blog and make many things that require detailed instructions and are time intensive to create. Social media seems to eat up so much time and I have never really sorted out the best way to integrate all of it. I think I am in need of a shortcut type of guide. Would appreciate the group's thoughts and input.



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That is a great question. I would recommend using a social media dashboard such as Hootsuite. A dashboard makes it easy to post and engage across facebook, Instagram, and youtube. Set a time limit and a schedule. An author I know very well spends 1 hour a day writing and 2 hours a day engaging on social media. The rest of his time is spent away from "work."

Great job on the videos! I did notice that your website does not have obvious links to your social media accounts. Before working too much on social media I would recommend redesigning your site. The quality of the videos and project far surpasses the quality of the website. It looks like you have tons of great content already. I am also wondering how you make money from your site, I don't see and ads or services. 

One of the things that I do is create customized guides or "playbooks" for SOHO and small business clients.

Thanks for your input Richie!  I'm sure my site could use some polishing and other than my book I don't currently have products to sell. I'm quite busy with my freelance work - writing and teaching but I want to continue to grow my list of followers and I know Facebook and Instagram are useful for this. I really need to figure out how to use the tools within these social media sites so it is not so cumbersome to post, and interact with my contacts in the industry who are using these venues successfully. That's why I was looking for a "how to" type of guide. I have heard of Hootsuite but have not explored the possibilities.

I'm into slow and steady growth right now as I determine what products to develop in the near future, i.e. e-books, courses, etc., I'm considering what to do next.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

It is important to not grow too quickly. I always encourage my clients to focus on one social network for awhile before adding others. With what you do you might want to consider Pinterest.  I will be adding more to my blog about social media shortly.

Thanks Richie, I'm trying to focus on Facebook right now but I only have an organization page set up for letsgosew.com. If I understand correctly I also need a personal profile to interact fully with other pages and people. Someone out there needs to write an e-book titled Social Media for the Time Starved!

If I had more time I would write that book for you. 

Having a personal profile on facebook does not really limit your company page. However, it does limit your experience which is helpful knowledge for running the company page. Also, the easiest way to kickstart a new company page is to invite friends from your personal profile. With a personal profile you can also like and follow other similar pages to see what they are doing that works for them. All in all, I would recommend having a personal profile on facebook.

If you want coaching on social media marketing please let me know. 

I know I'm late to this discussion, but I think this free resource from Hubspot might help. It's an ebook called Facebook for Business. When I've needed to learn marketing basics in the past, their resources have helped me.

Social media is a tool that must be used with great care. It's easy to get pulled from your business objective to personal browsing in a second. Fifteen minutes later you "might" realize what happened.

My advice is to study and create  strategy. Then make sure you're sticking to that strategy by using a time tracking tool such as Toggl, making sure you enter the task you're working on then starting the timer.

If you have some money to spend on marketing, Facebook lets you advertise across Facebook and Instagram. Learning to use their tool is not easy, but it may be worth the effort. Still, I caution you not to spend money until you have found paying customers and know who they are by more laborious free methods.

I hope these ideas help and wish you success.

Hello H

Hello Harvey!

Sorry, my previous reply got cut off some how. Thank you very much for the help. I did download the e-book and there is good information in there. Your reply was excellent in many ways. I am excerpting the word strategy and pasting it on my bulletin board. Good word to ponder and act upon. Thanks for your help and good wishes. My best to you too!!!

Just an update on this for anyone that is interested:

I asked a social media expert about having a separate profile as the answers I got from Facebook were extremely confusing. Basically, she said yes, I need a separate personal profile to join groups and that the functionality will remain the same for my business page. Having a personal profile provides the ability to join groups as a "cyber citizen." And, by joining a group, I can direct people to my page via personal interactions in the group (if it is allowed). This explanation made sense to me. I'm still cautious of the time spent on pages as it can be yet another of what I like to call a "procrastination station."


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