Hi all, I had this posted in the Jump Start group but "The Iron Jen" recommended this as another spot for it.

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone stays safe out there with the little ones tonight!

I have a question about marketing efforts. I've been limping along with a resume writing business for about three years, making very minimal money with a handful of clients each month. Back in September, I started trying out a website called Thumbtack.com where I can meet potential clients as a way to supplement my referral business and website traffic. The good news is that I increase my sales this month (October) by almost 5X(!) but I'm worried I won't be able to sustain that going into next month and beyond.

My question is twofold.

  1. Does anyone have thoughts about additional ways I can help my customers over a longer term since writing a resume for them is such a "one and done" type of work? I've had a few repeat customers looking for updates over the last few years, but nothing that will be sustainable without continuously adding new customers.
  2. Anyone with experience coaching clients, what have you found is the best way to attract new clients? Does most of your traffic come through your website, referrals, email list/lead magnets? Any other sources that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Jumpers ROCK!


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Jonathan, I've had good luck posting on LinkedIn. I'm also part of their LinkedIn Profinder group where I get referrals. Linkedin.com/profinder/pros. Also themuse.com is always looking for coaches to do resumes, reviews etc.

Thanks Marcy. I will definitely check out both of those avenues.

Jonathan, Are you on many college campuses? They are getting ready to jump into the "real world". You could try posting your own "resume" or professional flyer on company bulletin boards where people are in transition.

I know some places help students but there must be a ton of folks who fall through the cracks or do not graduate who need help.

Do you use Dan's profiles and other books to help folks find their way to a different use of their skills?

Perhaps post a question to Dan and some of the other group leaders about using creative tools to extend your usage? Can you write additional forms of business creations such as business plans or similar papers for business owners? That would open up a new group of customers? Just brain storming.

Jerry, Thank you for yo



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