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Building your own Cold Frame

For gardeners, having a cold frame can really extend the growing season. Here are some simple directions for creating your own cold frame out of old windows. Hope you enjoy!
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Comment by Sam Burton yesterday

Hey y'all. I've been focused on lots of projects that have kept me away, but wanted to check in. I'm sure everyone is busy with planting, lambing/kidding season, etc. but hello, anyway. It looks like Brittan and I are back in the pastured pork game. Feeder cows just got too expensive for us, so pork is back on the menu. Got some awesome cross bred heritage breeders and a feeder.  No sense wasting our good pastures. Also, we've got quail coming in May. Never a dull moment.

Comment by Alek Faber on January 15, 2015 at 7:00pm

If anyone needs some help with sustainable living and landscaping just give a shout, I'll do the best I can. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Comment by Alek Faber on January 11, 2015 at 3:41pm

Hello y'all it's been a while, I hope everyone is on there way to purposely create their best year yet! This is a special year for me because I want to be working in my own sustainable landscaping business full time this time next year, which means I have a lot to do and I know I'll need the help from people like yourselves to help encourage and help keep me accountable if I am going to do.

Yesterday, I went to the botanical gardens in fort worth for 4 hours and had one of the most wonderful times I've had in months just walking around off trail with 150+ year old trees enjoying the birds pick the dead leaves and just being close to nature and just thinking about the many wisdoms nature has to offer us. I found one of the giants of the forest laid on the forest floor in half.  I felt like a small child sitting on it. (40" Diameter Trunk this sucker is huge) And then I looked closer and even tho this tree is dead, there is so much life still there! you can see plants growing out of the decaying barking. 

There are a couple lessons here.

I am not sure why this 150+ year old tree died, but something in the system reached a breaking point and the giant fell with a might crash.  

And even tho this was sad to see this death, it makes way for new life! From the plants growing in the decaying bark to the nematodes. Which will one day feed the giants of the next generation.

Are you mourning a change in your life? Are you open and prepared for the new challenges in your next season of life? 

For thousands of years man has lived as a partner with nature, with the mind of borrowing it from our children's children, but, over the past couple hundred years we are disconnected.  Many of us here in this group are here because they have a deep connection to nature and are a sensitive to a breaking point that is coming if we as society don't change or at least want to share the wonder and love of God's footstool. 

I want to lead myself and others to bridge the gap from where we are now to sustainability with a Green Action Plan!  I've started a company, ecosmartscaping, that I want to be a vehicle for that change. 

I am at my own breaking point; it will require the death of my old self that I've been for the past 22 years but it will bring new life! A life that can bring so much more life to myself, others, and nature! 

How would you bring this positive change to a world that needs it?

Group Leader
Comment by Luke Townsley on November 29, 2014 at 8:20am

Damon, I hadn't heard from you for a while. Glad to see you are hanging around!

I like the name catfish pudding too. The only thing is it might give the impression it is somewhat runny, at least in some parts of the country, but that isn't a showstopper.

Dill is a smelly one that is easy to grow around here. I don't know about catching fish with it.

Comment by Damon on November 29, 2014 at 12:35am

Everyone made it through Thanksgiving?

Comment by Damon on November 18, 2014 at 4:19am

Recently been thinking of things I could grow in my garden to use as ingredient for my catfish bait. Garlic is a definite. I'm thinking of fennel or anise or anything with a licorice flavor.

Tried to think of a good name. Friends at church like the name Catfish Pudding:

Comment by Damon on November 6, 2014 at 2:25pm

Been a while. I've been making fishing floats and selling them on e-bay. Expanding into rods and catfish bait. already selling some in a local convenience store and hope to expand from there.

Been busy over on the YouTube as well. (Not sure how this will show up here.)

Comment by Sam Burton on October 22, 2014 at 5:11pm

Geez, Karen: Our lives are running on parallel tracks right now.  My wife's soap business is gaining real momentum, too. She converted a room in the house to her shop. We put a door on it and put in a foot path to the gate so people can walk right in. She had a good festival season, except for the first one in early September when the temps spiked and things started to melt, so we didn't go back the second day.  She has several vendors now and more on the way. My job is to create the sales and marketing plan and recruit sales people. 

We're done with turkeys after this year, too. We've done it for 4 years and I hate them with all my soul. We've expanded the laying hen flock just a bit and added ducks. I have a deal with a local restaurant, so all my eggs are guaranteed to be sold. I get more money retail, but any that don't sell to direct customers still get moved.

Like you, we had a predation issue back in August. We lost 8 turkeys, 7 ducks, and I'm not sure how many chickens.  We immediately moved the donkey to the back pastures and the problem stopped. We've heard from neighbors that it was foxes, but I've never seen foxes just slaughter. I'm guessing stray dogs.

I've got a (short) book in edit right now, too.

And....Brittan and I lived in Maine from 2003 till 2008 when my job transferred me down here to GA. I loved every day we lived there. We were in the very northeast corner. Even winters were great. Primarily because my hobby since 1976 (until GA) was running sled dogs. Land up in Aroostook county is quite cheap, btw.

Oh, congrats on the grant. That rocks. Congratulations on the promotion, too.

Group Leader
Comment by Karen Wortman on September 26, 2014 at 7:48pm

Hi Everyone,

  I must apologize, I've been MIA most of the summer.  Its been crazy around here like normal but I've doing some more things that have added more to my plate.  First off, I've been working with a graphic designer who is totally rebranding my Soap business.  New logo, new website, new labels, business cards, new containers, etc.  Its been fun, stressful, time consuming and we are almost done. I'm getting ready to start my fall festival and holiday festivals to sell my soaps and such so I spend most of my free time, creating more products.  I've out-grown my studio and just found out that I've been approved for an Ag Enhancement grant with the state of Tennessee so we'll be building a new, larger workspace for me.  It will have a small retail space in the front so folks who want to come to the farm to shop can do so and I will have plenty of space for creating, storing, and stuff.  Very excited!

Finally sold my last three baby goats and now we are getting ready for romance on the farm again.  The bucks are ready!  :>)  We are also having our cattle bred so there will be lots of babies arriving in the spring.  Hay is cut and stacked.  I'm getting ready to wean my last bottle calf and things are slowing down.  I still have to get the turkey's processed but that will happen the Monday before THankgiving.  I'm done with the meat birds.  Really hate them.  I'll raise 50 next spring for us but no more chickens for customers.  I really have to enjoy what I am doing and I do not like those birds.....except on my plate. 

   I lost 38 laying hens in one day this year when a group of dogs torn down the electric fence and killed them.  I sold a bunch of laying hens that survived and kept 8 for us.  While I do enjoy raising the hens for eggs, I can't stand guard and I can't stand people who can't contain their dogs.  Its bad enough when a fox gets a couple but to loose that man because someone doesn't keep track of Fido is heartbreaking. 

  My book is done and with a friend who is an editor.  She's giving it the once over and making recommendation before I send it off.  She is fabulous and I know she'll give me good constructive feedback.

 My corporate job is still crazy and I've been promoted.  While that is fabulous, I still hope for the day when I can tell my boss "bye-bye".  Heck, she'd love to come with me!

  We are seriously considering moving.  Neither of us can stand the high heat and humidity any more.  It kicks my butt.  We have friends and family in Maine....I know, I know...it gets real cold up there, but honestly, I LOVE cold and snow!  We're planning a trip after the first of the year to really explore.  Land is less expensive and since both of us have jobs that work from anywhere, it is possible.  Land here has gotten so expensive.  Farmland with NOTHING on it, is selling for 8-10K per acre.  When we purchased in 2005, we paid 4,000.  Crazy.

  Hope everyone is doing well.  Sounds like you are all crazy busy too. 

Group Leader
Comment by Luke Townsley on September 23, 2014 at 7:13am

Sam, Containment has been an issue for us too. They stay pretty close so far, but have been over to the neighbors a couple of times now. :(

We are in a rural area and turkeys have been a hard sell for us. We are taking pre-orders at $4/lb dressed weight and have sold 5 so far.

They are more fun to raise than chickens though (and I like chickens). Since a couple of weeks ago, ours are pretty much free range, but a couple of them always end up in the chicken pen, and can't figure out how to get out, and I think that tends to keep the flock closer.

I'm interested in doing a "permaculture orchard" and I think turkeys, guineas and meat birds would all be better than layers since they scratch so much.

If we keep having trouble with them going to the neighbor's, I may have to clip their wings.


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