How old are you?


How old will you be tomorrow?


What is on your list of things "To Do" while you're here on this earth?


Are you going to explode if you don't get them done right NOW?


The answer should be no, but sometimes I'm not so sure.  Read the full article here (it's short!) and then I'd like to know the following things!

1.)  Are you where you thought you would be at this age?  And if not, is that really a bad thing?  Maybe you're going somewhere better, somewhere you couldn't have dreamed up at 18 years old!

2.)  How has the way you create goals changed from the time you graduated high school to now?  Aren't we capable of some pretty crazy imaginations now that we've "grown up"!  And with the constant acquiring of knowledge, we are able to put legs on those dreams and make some of them appear right before our eyes :0)  And God's eyes.

3.)  How big can you dream?  In one year's time, my family will go from living on food stamps to making $60-80K+......in one year's time.  All because we completely transformed how we viewed the timeline of our lives (um....we stopped trying to compare ourselves to everyone else, and therefore were able to completely focus all our intensity on OUR future).  We sat down over coffee one evening and prayed and believed God for $80,000 in 2012.  We'd never seen that much money, but we knew it existed, so we dreamed of it!


Dream big.  And don't feel like you're missing out just because you don't have the coolest phone, or the fancy Rolex.  You have plenty of time for those things....now put your head down and get to work!

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I like the post! 

1) No, I am not where I thought I would be at this age (young 25) and no I'm finding out it is not a bad thing. 

2) My goals in high school were to go to college, play softball, and graduate.  I did all of those and truthfully have felt pretty lost over the past four years...but no longer :)

3) Am an dreaming big right now.  I have decided to not let another day slip me by.  I know I will spend some sabbath days lounging around, talking, reading, and walking and worshiping.

Head is down and I have taken the first step in the next part of my journey today! 

I don't think any of us are where "we thought we'd be".  Grown-ups were old, and only thought about bills and telling children what to do!

Now that we are grown (ish), it takes us a while to figure out that we have something to do with our own future!  Reach up and grab God's hand and run full force toward the goal!!!  It may be a bumpy ride, but we were annointed for hard, so I am praying strength and peaceful direction on you :0)  Go get 'em!



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