Looking at key areas you want to focus on in 2012, please vote:


1. getting out of debt

2. investment ideas

3. building multiple streams of income

4. something else


Iron sharpens iron.  How can I help ya'll this year?


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Hello Jay, New to 48 Days - late to this discussion. For me it's building multiple streams of income.

By the way, any ideas about how I can bottle and sell my sauce? No, it's not barbeque, hot sauce or any of the populars. Let's say it it knockout tasty but most importantly acts on healing. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol/blood sugar just before I was laid off in 2009 (no health benefits and so did not see a doctor for about 3 years). A closer relationship with God produced the recipe for this sauce which I used religiously with everything (wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes, wheat bread, wheat tortilla chips...). I just gained employment and went straight in to do a complete physical a couple of weeks ago after not haven had one in years.....Results: EVERYTHING turned out norman From mammogram, pap, all kinds of blood tests, to thyroid disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar (Great testimony from me and other people who've sampled the sauce).

I've got to bottle and get this out to help others. I just don't know how or where to begin or if it's an affordable feat.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

multiple streams of income! =)

Hello, Everyone.

I just joined this wonderful, life sharing group one day ago.  I've always been facinated with the idea of everyone learning and having multiple streams of income.  I am enjoying the wonderful idea of taking a small portion of one's income to buy an asset (that which puts money into your pocker/bank account) like a business or investment that creates additional income to purchase another business or investment and still another . . .    So, I would love to expand on one or more of the tried and true E-Commerce businesses that I have joined that has worked real well for me. 



Check it out!

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