If you've performed an online assessment you will have a report with anywhere from 12-35 pages all about you.  Sure it tells you what your strengths are, your ideal work environment and more, but are you stuck at all on how to overcome your weak areas?

What are they?

How are they impeding your progress in finding work that fits?

Lets talk it through to neutralize those gremlins...

So what are they?

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Hi Deb,

So my DISC results showed my highest values as personal freedom. Its true, I really struggle for connection with any group or team. So my biggest weakness is reaching out for relationship and trusting others.

I'm currently an engineer but am feeling bored and stale because the work is too detail oriented. I want to be responsible for big ideas and strategy but I struggle with being part of a group of people on whom I must depend.

Thanks for the question.


Hi Bill.....a bit of a lone wolf.  

If you would like to upload a copy of your DISC report here, I'm happy to offer my experience with your wiring.  In working with both aspiring entrepreneurs at Free Agent Academy and my Executive Coaching clients, I have had the good fortune to work with many different wired styles.




Hi Deb,

That would be awesome! I'm always open to feedback and insight.



Hi Bill

Ok I've got our disc report and I'm happy to connect with you on this call this week to provide you with an overview.


If this date and time doesn't work for you give me a shout back and we'll connect at a different time.  Interesting that your disc wiring and mine are very close.  My D is higher and my I is above the line as well, but my S is much further 'south' than yours.   

I love the insight DISC provides!  

Hi Deb,

Sorry I couldn't make the call. Well, and that I haven't been back in a while!

Are you having another call?

Hi Bill 

Sure do there's the link to the next call


All the best!

Hey Bill hope you're doing great, just thought I'd let you know that we have another call tomorrow 10:30am est that you're welcomed to join...here's the link:


All The Best,


Hi Deb,

According to my DISC report, my biggest weakness is hesitancy to make a decision, out of my strong desire to make the "proper" decision.

Boy am i going through that now!  I have been reading and working through the 48 days program, and am having a difficult time moving forward.  I am self employed and have been for about 13 years, and I love being self employed!  However, I'm still searching for what I was born to do.  Maybe this weakness is keeping me from seeing it...

I would love to hear your thoughts.




Hi Justin, 

Yes sir analysis paralysis can be killer but there are a few strategies to help move past it.

This video might be of help to you http://mywiredstyle.ning.com/video/struggling-with-a-decision   

and if you'd like I have an open Q&A call tomorrow at 10:30am est you're welcome to join, here's the link:  http://mywiredstyle.ning.com/events/open-q-a-call-march-24th-10-30a...

Have you completed a DISC profile and are you in touch with where you draw the most satisfaction or what energizes you?  That info too will help  you to analyze whether a move is the right one.

Hope you can join me for tomorrow's call, I'd love to help.

All The Best,


yes...analysis paralysis describes me very well!  Your video is right on target for me.

I have completed a DISC profile.  I am a high C, with D,I, & S all being almost the same in the midrange.  I am very adaptive in working with people.  Whatever their style, I can help them feel comfortable and still get something done.  I love to learn and read, and teach something that I am excited about.  I would love to participate in your call tomorrow.  Count me in!

Thanks a bunch!


Thanks for the great Q & A call Deb.

I am very excited to move forward!


It was a pleasure to connect with you and to learn more about your strengths and your heart to serve!

I'm excited for you as you move forward Justin!


Check it out!

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