Adam Garey sent this question on the email list. 

Hi Guys, Just curious if your Church has done or is doing a VBS this year? Is it by your group of Creatives there or you use outside material? How Creative is it or what thoughts of improvement could you share?? I'm curious for your responses. 

Here's mine. My church is doing a one day VBS and it will be an arts day. I will provide the teaching and the art instruction while others will come along side and help with games, snacks, etc. We are a smaller church and we are using this as a community outreach to try and attract more kids and youth. 

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Ours is 5 evenings long with songs, and a race car theme. We will make Pinewood Derby cars then race them. We will use preproduced Music Videos!

Dave Dave Dave...did I say thank you for mentioning this back during summertime? Well Thank you! How important it is to say Thank You and mean it...I am praying for your Ministry, your relationships with people, Family , and friends, your Health and your Finances:) Thank you again and keep on going when your armor gets hit!

I appreciate that Adam. Thanks for your prayers. How can I be praying for you? I'd love to write another VBS if you ever have any need. Please keep me posted.

Well, Ok ..I am currently  looking for a room to rent near me so that I can be near my church and work place. If The Lord wants me to have another Job or start my "Creative Media Project"(just voice- over and Video Production ala me) He would show me. I am not married and nearing Senior status:) Thank you Folks in the Group here and Dave for your prayers

No problem. What would it take to make your dream reality? I just finished writing the post below and then came over here and re-read this. I'm praying it blesses you. https://amokarts.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/whats-your-creative-dream/

Thanks Dave! Maybe getting Close..A Pastor who teaches and Preaches The Word may not share his perspective in a Service but what is in that Scripture..I hope I can record what Relationship The Pastor desires for his congregation toward The Lord and others..



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