Hello everyone, 

My name is Izzy. I am new member of this group. I am excited to be a part of it and learn some new things.

So, I have a few questions regarding marketing your blog with Facebook. 

1. Do you use Facebook to show new blog posts?

2. Do you have a separate Facebook profile for your blog or do you use your own personal account?

3. Have you created a fanpage on Facebook? If yes, how do you use it? Has it helped increase traffic to your site? 

4. What other ways do you use Facebook (if any)? 

5. This final question is tricky for me to explain. I notice that when some people post their blogposts on their status updates I am very turned off to their blog. Yet, when others do it I am drawn to check out their posts. I don't understand the marketing psychology behind this but I know I feel it. What is the difference between professionally and appropriately marketing your blog (via Facebook) and appearing like a spammer? 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer any of these questions. 

I hope everyone is having a good day!

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Hi Izzy,

Welcome to the group, I'm a newbi too! New to social networking, blogging, ect. You pose some very good questions! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the welcome Marlene.

1. Yes, I use a wordpress plugin that puplishes notifications to facebook when I publish a new post.

2. I created a page for the blog so it's separate from my personal page, but my personal login is the admin account for it.

3. Yes. It doesn't do much, but frankly I don't do much promotion with it. I rarely use facebook myself and it's not really the best venue for my audience. Most of my traffic comes during the work day by people looking for technical information.

4. No

5. Great question. I'm interested to hear what others have to say.

Thanks for replying Scott,

When you say it doesnt get you much traffic, are you specifically talking about the fan page or do you mean facebook in general?


It's one and the same for me since the fan page is all I use. But again, I believe that has more to do with the technical nature of my blog and my personal disdain for facebook more than anything. Most of the blogs people here have seem to fall under the general category of mental, physical, or spiritual health and wellness and I expect that they could do very well promoting on facebook.

That makes sense. Thanks for giving your thoughts. 


To kinda hit on the span part..

I think one has to show a genuine interest and care of others.

Be a real person and express your passions.

I think that the old saying is true: People don't care how much you know,  until they know how much you care.

oops sorry welcome!

Jonathan In Va

I completely agree Jonathan. I guess, I am wondering how one can do that via facebook? I think the nature of throwing status updates about blog posts is very impersonal.

How do we make it personal? or is there a better platform to make it personal? Is facebook not a good set up for this?

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Izzy .. I recently read a post by Michael Hyatt. He recommends using the form of social media that you enjoy using and use most frequently. If I'm trying to sell a product or book, I stay away from using my personal FB account because that's my friends and family---they generally don't like being spammed on FB. But I do promote on my FB Page, and I think many have come to except that pages are used more for book, product or service promotion. This is just my opinion, but would love to hear others viewpoint on this. Thanks for asking these questions.

Hi Scott, 

Thanks for taking the time to respond. So when you say your "facebook page" do you mean a separate page that you created for your blog/business? Or do you mean the home page of your personal account? 

I am really going back and forth on how to utilize Facebook. I think I'll probably just test out a few different ways, run some analytics and see what works best. No better way to learn then to try.

I believe the FB Page is tied to your home page account, but I do 95% blog promotion on the FB fan page as opposed to my home page.  There may be a way to create a separate account just for a business that's not tied to your personal account, but I'm not sure about this.  Perhaps Jonathan M. can address some of these questions.

Your idea of trial and error is excellent!  Everyone's situation is different.  You may actually have friends and family who would be very open to your blog.  And I guess it depends on the nature of your blog and what you're trying to promote.

Hope this helps.



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