Hi everyone,

I realize I'm a faceless name (the site won't let me add a profile pic yet), but I have a question and would love your feedback.

I've been debating about two types of businesses/support services based on areas where I can motivate people and communicate a unique perspective.

1 - Money
2 - Mental Health

Here's my question: Do I have to choose between these, or can I start a blog and offer products pertaining to both of these at the same time? Will people tune me out if they're interested in one more than the other?

Thanks for reading!

Josh Huizing

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Hi Josh! Funny you should ask this question. Just the other day I was remarking it would be nice if there was a financial product geared toward people with mental health. For people depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or suffering from other mental health issues, keeping finances in order can be difficult! Creating a budget or following one could be difficult during a manic phase for a bipolar person for example. I think that's a unique challenge. If you can figure out a way to tie the two together I think it could be successful. I'm curious to see the finished product!


Josh, If you can integrate your products then you might be able to blog and develop a business around both. If they are vastly separate then perhaps you will be confusing your markets when you attempt to offer products together. However if the financial information you will offer is specific to the Mental Health field, then you might have a great concept and product(s) for a very specific niche market. That's a great opportunity.

Josh - I don't think you need to figure out a way to link these two areas - they are already linked!

The world does not need another financial coach, but a coach/blog/podcast that addresses the connection between money and mental health, well that would separate you from the crowd (not to mention combining your passions).

Do it!

So here's my thoughts and take it for what it is worth. Money causes mental health strains and causes all kinds of health concerns if your money situation is out of whack. So I think they are linked. I don't think that any one who has been in financial strain would leave your page if you posted about what that strain is doing to your life and family. I have been on the Dave Ramsey plan for a long time now, and cannot even imagine going through life without the security of having our emergency plan. I think you have something, just flesh it out and  see where it goes.



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