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I have had a passion for cars my entire life.  Last year I decided to start an Auto dealership and am making my dream come true.  If you have an auto business, want one or just want to talk about one and just love messing with cars welcome

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Great place to find used parts - www.car-parts.com  - Search a database of junk yeards in the fifty states

Floor Plan Financing Company - www.AFC.com

Auction sites:

www.Manheim.com, www.adesa.com, www.copart.com, www.iaai.com, www.carmax.comA

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Becoming a Car Dealer before you spend a dollar

Started by Derrick Lopez. Last reply by Derrick Lopez Oct 11. 22 Replies

As a legal car dealership owner it requires you meet many requirements and spend lots of money before you get to sell one car.  My recommendation if you want to sell cars for yourself is to practice…Continue

Dealer Only Auctions - Slow down

Started by Derrick Lopez Jun 30. 0 Replies

I have been in love with the auction system since I was a kid.  You get to a yard that has anywhere from 1000 to 7000 cars all going for sale.  Any type and model that you can imagine sitting in the…Continue

Wholesale Auto Business

Started by Scott B. Dufaud. Last reply by Derrick Lopez May 31. 2 Replies

Hello, I'm new to the group and am hoping that somebody can give me some advice about entering the market as a wholesaler.  My Father is a small dealer, catering to individuals, one car at a time. …Continue

Question: Are there junkyard parts that are big ebay sellers?

Started by Jim Tetterton. Last reply by Jim Tetterton May 18. 4 Replies

So, I went to the local junkyard and got a BMW valve cover for $12.50.  They sell online for around $100.  I put it on ebay and sold it for $75.  Problem is, after paying too much to the UPS store…Continue

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Comment by Jim Tetterton 6 hours ago

@Phil Plyler:  you may have felt like a downer before your Nov. 18 post, but I think folks appreciate the real-life report on your situation, just like they do on Derrick's situation.  Ultimately, it reads like a success for you because you got the real experience and responded accordingly.  It likely helps you appreciate your current situation as well.  Nice work.

Comment by Chris Kraft on November 22, 2015 at 11:48am
Derrick, is that comment towards me?
The look and feel of this forum is new to me. I'm a wheeler/dealer. Right now we have a nice turbo Beetle up for sale and a sweet SRT-10 Ram(Viper truck) going up for sale in the next few weeks.
It all stems from being a car guy.

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on November 22, 2015 at 10:33am

Greg, thank you for the input and I love the ideas.  I am going to note them and follow up on some of them.  I like having the resources area as I think it's a great way to share what each of us know, kind of growing our community of resources together.  Also I would love to gather a list of topics like the repo cars you brought up.  Take those topics and turn them into our blog posts.  We can start with the topic you touched on.  Repo cars, from what I know their sold at dealer auctions with repo papers, and you have to do the leg work to get the title.  I also find you can get them a bit cheaper than the same car from a normal seller. They usually are not well cared for as the person that it was repo from could not pay the payment so imagine that they could not spend on taking care of the car.  Anyone else have experience in this area?

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on November 22, 2015 at 10:22am

Chris Welcome to the group, are you currently in the auto industry, fighting to get out, or just have a deep passion to one day be in?  We look forward to hearing from you and sharing wins and loses together 

Comment by Phil Plyler on November 19, 2015 at 7:01pm
A very good source for used parts is www.car-part.com . I always put in zip code and search by distance. If you need a part not listed, just put in a door or fender to locate a car like yours. Then call and ask for that odd part like a trim piece or something.
We would look at a car in the auction lot, taking pics, estimate it at the shop,search for used parts online and then put it all in a spreadsheet with labor and minimum profit to get a target high bid. If we bought below that target, we always made money. Sometimes we went a little high and it was about 50/50 on being profitable.
Once we bought a 4 year old yahoo that a tree had fallen on the roof. I searched and found a rear clip, two rear side doors, two rear ambulance style doors and headliner, all in the right color 100 mile a away. Literally only painted the posts that were welded. Perfect match. Woulda made a lotta money but I drove it for years. Still a good deal. Beware buying used body parts that are shipped by trucking companies a long way away. Bought an entire side for a few month old Toyota Yaris that was in the same color as well. But it had forklift damage and we only got 50 cents per pound damages. Lost $2000 on parts. Had to buy new parts after losing on used parts. Gas was sky high and we broke even. Learned to try and buy local.
Comment by Chris Wood on November 19, 2015 at 6:29pm

Well friend blackout so tomorrow my car goes on craigslist. It needed a pcv valve, transfer case (LKQ is a great resource for parts, instead of junk yard), tensioner, serpentine belt and we did an oil change, head gasket, and some hydraulics for the hood (that might have been more for me than the buyer, lol). Any way I have about 1900 in it with labor. I am hoping to get 2500 out of it. Especially since it is 4x4. When that first snow hits, 4x4 seem to go thru the roof. I will let you know how things go.

Comment by Chris Wood on November 19, 2015 at 6:28pm

I would also like to say that my drive in playing with cars is two fold. One figure out how to make money from my passion with cars and 2 figure out how to turn cars like Dan Miller does. I have been somewhat successful in buying and selling my personal vehicles without taking much of a loss. Except for maintenance fee stuff. However I have not been as successful with it when it comes to cars for my wife (which have a tendency to be nicer cars, because I want her to be happy and safe). 

Comment by Phil Plyler on November 18, 2015 at 6:53pm

When I joined this group, I owned a body shop and bought/rebuilt wrecks. I have since gotten out of that business and have returned to being an engineer. My escape was the reason I joined 48 days. And the reason I rarely post here.

If you love the auto business, that is great, and I encourage you to pursue it. For me, the low collision repair margins and dealing with insurance companies pretty much turned me off on any auto related business. That and not being able to find good help. I have now lost any interest in older cars and have switched my personal interests toward boats and fishing, something I really enjoy. I really don't want to be negative but would advise you to test the waters to make sure you REALLY enjoy the business before you commit to it full time. It is much easier to get into it than to get out if you have made significant capital investments. Part time and being picky about cars you buy (wrecked or not) is how I would go if I were to do it again. Think high margin or don't do it. That's how my frinds that love the business do it. And they do love it. Never get into a position where you have to accept a repair job or have to buy a car to survive. That is a recipe for disaster.

In my new career, I help manufacturers become more efficient which I find rewarding. Also, I work with inventors to develop their product ideas into reality. I find that some of my favorite products are automotive related. In a sense, my clients are going for it the 48Days way, taking their dreams to reality.  I would highly encourage any of you to pursue any ideas for automotive related product ideas. You likely have local resources to help you through it. A client this week told me he was successful in another business and started rebuilding wrecks on the side. Turns out we met years ago. He also burned out on it. Then he invented and patented an auto accessory that just hit a major high end retailer. He has it made in China (my job is to reshore it) and makes about $75 per unit net profit. If he gets in 5 major chains, he expects to be in 5000 retail locations. If they average only 1 sale per month per store, he will net $4.5 million, all things remaining equal. That is leverage. And very automotive.

Sorry to rant. I just felt everyone on here owes it to the others to say why they are on here and why they do or don't post.

I wish you all well and will continue to read the posts.

Comment by Greg Vance on November 18, 2015 at 6:04pm

Hi All - 

I have been "auditing" this group and really not participated yet. Basically reading and learning. I am very interested in the group. I am in learning mode with taking things up a level. 

Back in my college days I used to buy a car each summer... repair/restore it... and then it for $ for college. Worked well! Since then I will occasionally buy something, do work to it, and resell on Craigslist (mostly). 

I live in Indiana. I'm interested in looking into Repo cars. Most banks though just have someone handle them. Anyone know of a useful resource(s) for that market? 

Another topic. What is everyone using for Price Guides. As a non-professional I really only have access to KBB and NADA. It boggles my mind how they vary. Any other suggested resources? 

On the group idea front, here are some thoughts: 
a) Consider learning more about each member and their goals. Then we can look at topics that align with those goals. 
b) Once we have topics perhaps members with expertise in those areas could contribute to grow each other. 
c) Develop a set of resources that we can all draw up (like the auction sites at the top of the page). 

Thanks! Greg

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on November 18, 2015 at 5:27pm

Hey David thank you for the feed back.  I love the idea of expanding this, but the issue I see is only a few people here are sharing for whatever reason.  It feels like I share one or two things and I get a comment or two and then it dies.  My intention with this group was to have a small group of people interested in all parts of auto businesses to share ideas, experiences, and grow community where we can build from each other.

For example in selling cars my biggest asset is the repair guys I use so I am sure I can learn a ton from the experience you have in your field.  

In any event if we plan on making this group work we have to figure how to change things up a bit to get more people involved as well as the right people.

Once again I am open to ideas......


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