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I have had a passion for cars my entire life.  Last year I decided to start an Auto dealership and am making my dream come true.  If you have an auto business, want one or just want to talk about one and just love messing with cars welcome

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Great place to find used parts - www.car-parts.com  - Search a database of junk yeards in the fifty states

Floor Plan Financing Company - www.AFC.com

Auction sites:

www.Manheim.com, www.adesa.com, www.copart.com, www.iaai.com, www.carmax.com

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Becoming a Car Dealer before you spend a dollar

Started by Derrick Lopez. Last reply by Ryan Renno Aug 31. 21 Replies

As a legal car dealership owner it requires you meet many requirements and spend lots of money before you get to sell one car.  My recommendation if you want to sell cars for yourself is to practice…Continue

Dealer Only Auctions - Slow down

Started by Derrick Lopez Jun 30. 0 Replies

I have been in love with the auction system since I was a kid.  You get to a yard that has anywhere from 1000 to 7000 cars all going for sale.  Any type and model that you can imagine sitting in the…Continue

Wholesale Auto Business

Started by Scott B. Dufaud. Last reply by Derrick Lopez May 31. 2 Replies

Hello, I'm new to the group and am hoping that somebody can give me some advice about entering the market as a wholesaler.  My Father is a small dealer, catering to individuals, one car at a time. …Continue

Question: Are there junkyard parts that are big ebay sellers?

Started by Jim Tetterton. Last reply by Jim Tetterton May 18. 4 Replies

So, I went to the local junkyard and got a BMW valve cover for $12.50.  They sell online for around $100.  I put it on ebay and sold it for $75.  Problem is, after paying too much to the UPS store…Continue

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Comment by Jimmy Baker on September 28, 2015 at 7:04am

Derrick, regarding your question / survey of the use of this forum.  I know I have only been in here for 10 minutes, and I can only relay my motivation for being on any of these pages / groups within the 48 day community...I want to better understand what motivates me, what I may / may not be good at, understand how my strengths and gifts may be applied to business, and create income while providing value to someone or a community.  I enjoy listening to Dan's podcasts and hearing how he will answer a question submitted to him and offer several potential business opportunities, seemingly off the top of his head.  If, in this forum, we could better understand the wants, needs, and opportunities in the automotive business and map them back to us as members, it would be a great value.  Not to mention, working together to help one another incrementally get off the "waiting to start" spot in our lives.  Just like spotting at the gym, it only takes a tiny amount of assistance at the right spot to continue moving a large amount of weight.  I apologize for the rambling, I hope something of value made it through.  Thank you.

Comment by Jimmy Baker on September 28, 2015 at 6:47am

Hello all.  I am not a dealer, mechanic, or a car salesman by trade.  I enjoy researching cars and have always helped friends identify the best vehicle for their needs.  I have good friends who are in sales and I refer as much business to them as I can.  I enjoy being around cars and understanding what is best on the market, ...for what ...and why.  Thank you for allowing me to see the automotive conversations going on in here and see things from different perspectives.

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on July 16, 2015 at 4:26pm

Alan, thank you for your comment.  Your 2 cents is worth much much more.  I like the topic of the week and think I will implement it.  Maybe a topic of the week as a blog post and then we can expand on the topics from there.  I am going to gather a list of topics I think are relevant and share and maybe together we can pick the good ones.  Your experience at a large dealership ops side will add tremendous value and I look forward to hearing more.  What do you do there on a day to day?

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on July 16, 2015 at 4:21pm

Jim I agree fear makes it very hard to make a move, the first few times I went to buy a car at the auction with my own license was terrifying.  I had bought at the auction for years under my friends licenses with no fear, but when I was up under my own business I could not buy for 3 weeks straight.  Week four I bought 2 cars, I never forget a 03 civic and an 01 Acura Integra.  I drove 1.5 hours to auction and took that ride back and forth for each car on the same day.  I think the only way to get rid of the fear is to put everything on the table.  Make it so the risk is very low and you get comfortable.  I would say try by selling the car you have now and then buy your self a new one.  Then sell the new one and try that 3 or 4 times.  The risk is low because you need a car to drive anyway.  Another option is look for someone selling their car and ask to help them with the sale.  Thank you for sharing as I really appreciate it    

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on July 16, 2015 at 4:15pm

Hello - I just got back from a week in Vermont and had a ball by the lake.  Rode some horses, but didn't get to rent a boat this time.  A lake house is for sure on my bucket list....

Comment by Alan Todd Wilson on July 13, 2015 at 5:15am
Hi Derrick...I work in the Fixed Operations side of a new car dealership. I have worked in the car business for 33 years but none of it has been on the sales side of business. So, I would like more help, knowledge, and direction in Sales Operations. I have gained some knowledge over the years since I have been in the business so long but I am looking for specifics. If you or others have such knowledge then perhaps a "topic of the week or day" discussion would very helpful to the group e.g.; dealer auctions, launching your business, legal requirements, how to buy a car for maximum profit, etc. I have ran the Fixed Ops side for years, I just need to know more about the Sales side.
Well that's my 2 cents worth. Thanks.
Comment by Jim Tetterton on July 11, 2015 at 2:40pm

Hi Derrick... I want to answer your question, but I'm not sure what to offer.  I think folks are scared for some reason to make that first purchase of a car to flip because it may have something catastrophically wrong that will cause an upside down situation.  In that way, the "idea" of the car business is attractive but the reality of it doesn't match the pictures of it.  Personally, I have to get over the fear if I really want to do something with it.  I have a real problem with follow-through, and if I never work on improving it, I'll be working for someone else until the end.   But, I'm curious to hear what stops others from being involved. Anyone else?

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on July 11, 2015 at 9:24am

Hello Everyone,

I am going to ask a favor from each and everyone of you here.  There has been very little activity and I am considering if this group makes any sense or should we change it make it broader or narrower.  I would like each of you to dig deep and please help me understand how we can make this group work for us entrepreneurs that are interested in being in or around the car business.  What are your thoughts on the topic of making this better and more useful?

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on July 11, 2015 at 9:21am

Thanks Jim it was ready to go which is the great part of this find.  I did take it for an oil change and a good cleaning

Comment by Jim Tetterton on July 10, 2015 at 7:40am

Nice score on the Z3.  Does it have any problems, or is it ready to go?


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