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I have had a passion for cars my entire life.  Last year I decided to start an Auto dealership and am making my dream come true.  If you have an auto business, want one or just want to talk about one and just love messing with cars welcome

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Great place to find used parts - www.car-parts.com  - Search a database of junk yeards in the fifty states

Floor Plan Financing Company - www.AFC.com

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www.Manheim.com, www.adesa.com, www.copart.com, www.iaai.com, www.carmax.comA

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Less Damage or More Damage, which is the better deal?

Started by Derrick Lopez. Last reply by Jim Tetterton May 29. 1 Reply

My last two car purchases were theft recovery cars from an insurance company.  I ended up paying more than I would pay for a damaged car that needed body work, but because it needed less work.…Continue

Salvage vs Clean Title

Started by Derrick Lopez. Last reply by Jim Tetterton May 1. 3 Replies

A salvage title car is a car that has been payed out by the insurance company and marked a title as salvage to identify that this has been done.  I know many people frown on these as they get scared…Continue

Tags: for, sale, cars, repairable, rebuildable

Title, registration, and insurance?

Started by Patrick Sill. Last reply by Jim Tetterton Feb 21. 2 Replies

Hey everyone,Been part of the forum for a while but I've never posted. Thank you all for the wealth of knowledge from the discussions I've read!I've never flipped cars before but it's something I'm…Continue

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Becoming a Car Dealer before you spend a dollar

Started by Derrick Lopez. Last reply by Derrick Lopez Oct 11, 2015. 22 Replies

As a legal car dealership owner it requires you meet many requirements and spend lots of money before you get to sell one car.  My recommendation if you want to sell cars for yourself is to practice…Continue

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Comment by Richard Roller on June 16, 2016 at 9:51am

Hey Derick, How are things going? I have been the automotive repair field for over 30 years working at GM, Nissan and BMW dealers and independent shops. I have moved around a lot because of all the dishonesty I have seen. I am now looking for a change and looking into selling cars. How are doing with it.??  Have you had luck with BMW and MB??

Comment by David Roman on May 3, 2016 at 2:38pm


You're starting in the wrong place. At no point should a tech replace a part without having a confirmed diagnosis. If he has tested these high pressure sensors and determined them definitively to be faulty, then replacement is inevitable. 

Having said that, sometimes you run into multiple problem areas causing several symptoms. But a good technician follows a diagnostic tree when attempting to solve a particular problem. This prevents the technician from going down multiple paths unnecessarily. 

As far as the cost goes: An $82 part is typically marked up 100% when sold to a customer. This is unfortunately necessary in order to remain profitable at the end of the day. The labor spread (labor charged vs labor costs) will usually pay the bills, but the profit made on parts is what you take home. Dealer parts are typically marked up only 20-30% because the prices are set by the dealership (usually marked as a "list price"). Needless to say, I don't use dealer parts unless absolutely necessary.

In other words, this guy isn't being dishonest in giving you a higher price than what you could buy the parts for yourself. Furthermore, troubleshooting is seldom profitable. When I've dealt with dealership cars and multiple unknown problems, we usually agree on a budget first. If I can't realistically come in under that price, I let them know and they usually send the car back to the auction.      

I would simply call the shop and ask for a running total. 

If the shop is throwing parts at it, switch shops. They shouldn't be doing ANY type of diagnostic work. 

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on May 3, 2016 at 1:27pm

JC I would love it if they would do that.  I hate that I find out the cost at the end of the job and then it's super high.  I have told him not to order anymore parts without my approval, but how do you control the labor.  He doesn't know what he is running in to as it's more troubleshooting than fixing.

for example replacing the sensors did not fix the problem so now he states I need high pressure fuel pump.  so should I really have to pay for the sensors when they did not fix the problem?

Comment by JC Nordyke on May 1, 2016 at 6:05pm
I'll chime in on the 550. Having been a tech at a dealership and also running my own shop it was always my policy to contact the customer and approve all costs prior to ordering parts or completing any work. Usually we would start with an hour of diagnosis that is approved by the owner and if the repair could be done within that hour then we would just do it. If it took more parts or time then we would go back to the customer and get the increase in parts/labor costs approved. Personally this is the best way to do business so that the customer is always in the know and never is surprised by anything.

If your current repair shop doesn't have this policy or hasn't been doing this then you might not have any say in fighting the costs.

On your note about inexpensive parts I'll chime in about a couple of places. I really like to work with OEM factory parts. Rock Auto is great and sometimes you can get awesome prices on factory parts. They also sell really cheap junk parts as well. I suggest looking at the name brand on the parts and choosing parts that are OEM. When I work on BMW's I usually get my parts through www.autohausaz.com. They carry OEM BMW parts and are less expensive than going to the dealer. I also use Rock Auto when I can find OEM parts there. I have an AISIN timing belt/water pump kit for a 2006 Sienna I got through Rock auto for about $100 less than what I could get from my local Toyota dealer.


Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on May 1, 2016 at 4:24pm

Thank you Jim, I have asked him to complete the job and to create an invoice.  Once I get the invoice I will discuss with him.  

Comment by Jim Tetterton on May 1, 2016 at 3:22pm

Derrick, on the 550 mechanic... I'm non-confrontational to a fault.  I know what I would do, pay the bill and find another guy to do my work, but others can rightly say that avoiding a discussion about the bill with him deprives him of the opportunity to explain things I wouldn't know.  Who knows?  He may not have thought $140 was bad.  Bottom line:  if taking stuff to him will make you unsettled from here out, I think you should find someone else or find a way to politely broach the topic with him.

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on April 30, 2016 at 9:47am

Just signed up for eBay classifies, tell me what you think 

2011 Nissan Maxima

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on April 30, 2016 at 9:08am

Recently I have been repairing a BMW 550i and it needed several things.  Long story short I trust my mech to do the right thing and keep cost down.  After spending a few hundred bucks the car also needed high pressure fuel sensors.  I asked how much were the sensors and he told me 140 which he ordered from the dealer.  I was upset and asked why not call me as I get parts much cheaper online.  he said he needed them quickly so he ordered.  I then asked what dealer did he buy them at and he said the local bmw dealer.  I called to get the price and they told me shop price was only 82 bucks.  Now I feel like this guy who I have been using for a while is taking me to the cleaners.  He still has the car so I am careful on how I am handling the situation, but not sure what I should do as I know he is gonna hit me with a large bill and I don't trust it is honest.  How would you handle a guy like this?  See the car below

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on April 28, 2016 at 12:41pm

Just started using Rock Auto to buy parts and I must say 9 out of 10 times they beat the price.  they must buy super wholesale volume. 

Group Leader
Comment by Derrick Lopez on April 28, 2016 at 12:40pm

Just met a customer who was buying a 2008 Honda accord from me.  After we made the deal he went to get the money and as I was writing up the paperwork he handed me the keychain that the car came with when I bought it.   It had a picture of Jesus and he said I don't need this then handed it to me.  I didn't realize that was on there as keychains usually help me keep the keys different and I leave them on as all the keys look the same.  

I could tell it bothered him as he must have not liked the key chain.  He may have been from a diffrent belief system than that key chain represented.

I learned that you never know how someone is going to react to keychains, stickers, plate covers, etc.. so I am making sure to take any personal refrence off of the cars I sell because I want my customers to feel they can customize their car as they see fit. 

How would this have made you feel?



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