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Has Anyone Used the New Rainmaker Platform?

Started by Diane Krause. Last reply by Diane Krause on Saturday. 4 Replies

Do any of you here have experience with Copyblogger's new Rainmaker platform? I'm interested in setting up a membership site, and this new platform looked like it could handle anything I would want…Continue

Tags: membership, site, Rainmaker, Copyblogger, Press

What do I do with "New User Registration"?

Started by Douglas Bartholomew. Last reply by Will Ratliff on Friday. 3 Replies

I hate to sound stupid, but how else am I going to learn? I have been getting emails saying "New User Registration" from my WordPress website. I used to get these but it was spam, took steps to take…Continue

Tags: email, list, podcast, press, word

Best Place to Learn More About Wordpress?

Started by Andrew Palmer. Last reply by Will Ratliff on Friday. 9 Replies

What's your favorite website to learn more about Wordpress? Go! Looking for some places to expand my beginner knowledge base.Continue

Tags: Wordpress

Help! Can't access my media files or adv layout editor

Started by Celeste & Phil Davis. Last reply by Celeste & Phil Davis on Wednesday. 4 Replies

On Saturday night I had no problem using my site but then I updated to the new version...now the "media" buttons and the " adv layout editor" buttons don't work.I can access the media and upload to…Continue

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Comment by Sean Deminski 8 hours ago
Although I am not a "word press guru" I just recently went through this in updating my sites to 4.0.

I updated the site to WordPress 4.0, and then after-the-fact found out that my theme didn't have all its functionality with the new update. I am hoping that the theme does get updated so it works with 4.0 but in the meantime I'm kind of stuck not being able to use the built-in page builder. (i'm using optimize press btw). I have found that "downgrading" is kind of complicated process.

What I would recommend, and wish I had done, is back-up the site before upgrading the software. (with a product like back-up buddy). In general even if you don't have this issue, it is still a good idea to make sure you or your webmaster is backing up your site. That way even if there are issues that you couldn't've caught before hand, you can still go back to where you were at.
Comment by Joshua Rivers 9 hours ago
Diane, you should be safe to update since tou have a backup. I haven't hears of any issues with going to WP 4.0, but I'm not sure about WooCommerce. I haven't work enough with it to know, but I would think that it'd be fine. Maybe others have deeper insight to the WooCommerce aspect.
Comment by Diane Krause 12 hours ago

Hey WordPress gurus. I'm posting this in the comments because I don't know if it's complicated enough for a full discussion. I'm happy to move it up if I need to. 

I need to do updates on our company site but updates scare me. :) My WordPress needs to be updated to 4.0, and my Woo Commerce to 2.2. There's an alert that says Woo Commerce 2.2 is a "major update" and I should test all extensions before updating.

I'm not sure what I'm checking FOR on the extensions. I have Pre-Orders (1.23), Stripe (2.0.3) and Helper (1.3.0). 

We are using VaultPress and the last backup was 6 hours ago. 

Am I safe doing these updates, or are there some steps I need to complete first?

Group Leader
Comment by Lynne Watts on August 13, 2014 at 9:55am

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Comment by Pr. Michael Jannett on July 28, 2014 at 11:40am

Hello!  I'm a pastor and I want to start branching out to build my own website, apart from the church I serve, to stand as a collection of my daily devotions (blog), where people can comment.  I want folks to be able to sign up to receive these blog entries, so I don't have to manage the emails and people can remove themselves if they wish.   I also will have links to organizations and helpful articles for pastors and such.

Thoughts on plug-ins that could work for getting folks signed up for emails?

Comment by Douglas Bartholomew on July 27, 2014 at 9:40pm

I hate to sound stupid, but how else am I going to learn? I have been getting emails saying "New User Registration" from my WordPress website. I used to get these but it was spam, took steps to take care of that (thanks to you guys). I do not think these are spam but a result of my podcast and website traffic. BUT, what do I do with these? Are the "signing" to my website to post in the blog and ect? Can I use these as part of my emailing list? What are the "rules" for using these. Basically clueless here. help =/

Group Leader
Comment by Jeff Long on July 24, 2014 at 7:56am

Hi Chad,

Great question! This would be best suited to add it as a new discussion so we can add our thoughts. While it looks like a good theme on the outside, it is made by a team of developers in Slovenia. This doesn't make it a bad theme but be slightly cautious. One good thing is that the CEO is active on Twitter which helps to make it look like he isn't trying to hide anything. They have really good reviews on ThemeForest.net and have some good tutorials. Thankfully the theme isn't filled with shortcodes that will break your site if/when you change themes. I didn't do a code review though. Perhaps others will see something I missed. 

Group Leader
Comment by Jeff Long on July 18, 2014 at 6:19am

Hey everyone...I just wanted to say thanks for participating in this WordPress group. We're one of the largest and most active groups and it's because of you. I love that we have a good mix of questions and that people jump in to help answer questions, which was my goal in starting the group. Keep up the awesomeness! 

Comment by Chris Wensink on July 8, 2014 at 12:48pm

Hello Everyone,

In an effort to build my own "tribe" I want to set up a combination forum / mailing list, where you can sign up for one, and automatically be signed up for the other tool, so if a new user asks a question in the forums, then I can post a reply and they get an email reply back with my answer.  

I would really like both tools to be connected, one sign up to be a part of the community.  The tool needs to run on the same platform requirements as wordpress.  I'd like to use a tool that is similar to the way that the 48 days community is structured.

Any thoughts?

Group Leader
Comment by Alan Jackson on July 7, 2014 at 5:12pm

Celeste one thing I noticed in their support forums is if you are using something other than their wp eStore plugin, be sure to check the "Enable 3rd Party Cart Integration" option. It can be found about 2/3 the way down the settings page.


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