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10/14/14 interview with Ray Edwards - How to become profitable online. Ray has worked with folks such as Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, Ken Davis, etc. (@RayEdwards)

Click HERE for the replay of the interview.

10/15/14: Dan interviewed Ray Edwards around how to become profitable online

Here are some of the highlights covered in the session this week, however, we would encourage you to listen to the show as quite a bit of valuable information was shared:

  • Ray's extensive background in working with high achievers such as Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, Ken Davis, Jeff Walker, Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen in helping them with their online sales.
  • The importance of copywriting when it comes to online sales.
  • The simple definition of copywriting is 'sales in print'.
What are some keys to becoming profitable online?
  • Our goal in sales is to consciously move people towards moving towards a decision.
  • Folks want to know what is in it for me when they are looking to buy.
  • Creating a unique selling proposition is critical for online sales.  
  • As we create our products, planting calls to action in our verbal and written will steer people to buy or not to buy.
  • The least expensive customer to get is the customers we already have.  
  • Finding ways to speak to people's pain is better than trying to be the lowest price point around. 
How do you write effective copy?
  • The goal is to write copy to shepherd our flock into a good decision.
  • Using the PASTOR method can be used for things such as ad, blog posts, product launches, etc:
    • Problem: Begin by addressing problem
    • Amplify: Amplify pain of problem / what is the cost of not solving the problem
    • Story / Solution: Provide the solution through a story
    • Testimony: This is where other folks testify to your great outcomes
    • Offer: The offer is where you describe what is for sale - include is what is being transformed to
    • Response: Ask for the sale / ask for the specific action you want people to take
How do we build trust and rapport?
  • Asking ourselves how we can offer value to individuals even if they don't buy from us is a great way to build trust.
  • There are many right answers when it comes to how many times we give before asking. As a general rule of thumb, Ray likes a 3:1 ratio. 
  • Coming from a place of authenticity makes it easier to make the ask.
  • The person who can tell good stories related to the problems of their audiences and how their problems can be solved is the person who will become successful.

In addition to the above, Ray answered questions around how to test our copy, what to expect to pay for a copywriter, guidelines for offering things for free, etc.

Ray's Resources:
Contact Info:
Bio: Ray Edwards is a Communications Strategist and Internet Business expert. He’s also the host of the top-rated “Ray Edwards Show”, a weekly iTunes podcast on building, growing, and profiting from your own Internet-Based Business. He is best known internationally as ‘The Copywriter to the Stars’- the go-to guy for copywriting and Internet Product Launches.

Ray's copy and marketing expertise has helped sell an estimated $100 Million or more in products and services. His client list INCLUDES:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Michael Hyatt
  • Ken Davis
  • Jeff Walker
  • Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen (co-creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul)

 Ray helps entrepreneurs through:

  • His Podcast and Blog at RayEdwards.com
  • Home Study Courses and Training Products
  • Limited Availability for Consulting and Coaching

Ray is also the best-selling author of these great books:

  • Writing Riches  How To Write Copy That Sells 
  • MoneyWords - Easy To Use Copywriting & Marketing Secrets That Help You Sell More
  • Just Get Started - Tips For Starting, Running, and Growing Your Online Business
Can we share these replays with anyone?
Yes, by all means, feel free to share these replays.
If you are enjoying these sessions, please take a moment to share these sessions with your own tribe by hitting the share buttons above or click HERE to tweet.

What did you find most interesting about this interview?

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Fantastic interview, inspiration and information. Thanks A Million!

I'm concerned about asking my (future) customers for email addresses because folks are so resistant to what they see as SPAM. And so I don't want to scare my customers off by bothering them with emails. I know for myself that I do not like to be asked for a phone number, email address or even a zip code when go into a place of business. I have a junk email account and a fictitious phone number for that in case I get sucked into doing it. If I were to contact my customer via email or phone, text, etc., I would want to make sure the content was very important and wanted. Also, it seems like the more you broadcast, the more they tune you out.


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