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I'm trying to move my gardening/homesteading blog to a coaching/learning business. My blog has been going for almost 10 years, but it's just been a hobby. I haven't tried to build a mailing list or anything. Still, I have a decent audience.  Now that I'm kicking it up a bit, I want to add a YouTube Channel or a Podcast, but am undecided about the medium.  A podcast would be easier, but gardening, etc. is very visual so my instincts say a YouTube Channel would be a better idea. I have podcasting experience, but video feels awkward.  Your thoughts and suggestions are invited. I'd love your ideas.

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Why not make videos for YouTube but also release them as podcasts? I find that most TV shows can be be just as entertaining and informative by just listening to them. TV news is a great example - many people listen to it while getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner at night and still get the nearly the same out of it had they been sitting and staring at the TV. 

I say do both, a YouTube channel and a podcast!

Good luck,


Brendan Burchard said he grew his initial following by making a You Tube video,  taking the audio and making it a podcast and then turning the transcript into a blog post.  I'm wanting to do the same for my own website/blog I've just started.  It's the best way in my opinion because you never want to guess what way most of your following will consume your content. I would like to read more,  but just don't have the time to sit,  nor do I  have the patience to sit and watch a video of someone droning on and on.  Which is why I chose to mostly listen to podcasts on the go. However,  I know a lot of people prefer You Tube. If there wasn't the demand,  it wouldn't be a billion dollar business.  If you can swing all 3, I say do it.

Also,  if video feels awkward just shoot a bunch of B-Roll and dub your voice in.  You don't even have to show your face.  :)  I would sometimes though because people are always curious at what the star looks like.  :)

Thanks. Good tips and advice. Much appreciated.

Fair enough, folks. I was just afraid that since many episodes would be IN the garden or greenhouse that they might suffer sound issues that studio issues wouldn't. I have a Faith Based podcast now, so I have acceptable sound and camera for the studio. I guess I could do some testing and see. Thanks. 


Have you considered Facebook live for a specific topic? This would allow you to present from the garden on a specific topic.


I have considered it, and may well try it and see. Would consider Periscope, too. 

I think you should go with YouTube, as you said, gardening is visual. If the video thing feels awkward because you don't like being on camera, then only shoot video that shows the work. You never even have to be on camera. If you are used to hearing yourself from past podcasts then just think of this as a podcast with visual content to help aid the explanation, your videos would be the equivalent to a PowerPoint on a webinar or podcast.

It's more the lack of camera ability and technical skills for editing that worries me. Besides Podcasting, I'm a minister and am used to my voice and people seeing me (that's more scary for the audience than it is for me). Like many people, I don't have a great deal of discretionary income with which to get started, so I must be wise.

Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Sam, I am following this thread with a keen interest. I am toying with the same idea, but offering reviews and solutions for families like ours who deal with an autistic child. Many kids who deal with autism are an escape from the home risk as well as accessibility issues to certain rooms or parts of the home. Over the years I have had to make modifications to our home to minimize these risks, using my carpentry skills...staying one step ahead of our very smart boys! Some of these are purchased products as well as solutions I have come up with myself. I have these products listed on my blog on a tab where they can be purchased (affiliate links) but...many people such as myself are visual learners and need to see something modeled. I often go to Youtube for help in car repairs, appliance repairs, etc. instead of reading step by step instructions like the many published manuals ones that are out there. I have considered doing a Youtube channel to offer these tips, tricks and products with how-to solutions. I have already had interest in me presenting at conferences showing these products and ideas. I think a visual medium would be ideal in what you are proposing. All of the other input so far is confirming that as well.


One of the things I coach authors, speakers, and coaches to do when looking at any new adventure in their journey is to always ask themselves, "at the end of the day, what do I want from this." It is a rather simple, yet powerful question that helps you identify what it is that you are going after (your goal) and then helps keep that goal in front of you to ensure that everything you do leads into that goal to product the best ROI for your efforts.

So I would ask you, at the end of the day, what do you want from doing a podcast or YouTube Channel. what is the ONE thing that is most important to you...is it selling a product or service, educating people, etc. As entrepreneurs we are have lots of opportunities in front of us...keeping our efforts laser focused on the end results helps us to get there. 

Anxious to hear where decide to go. 


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