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Between your "Objective" and "Experience" sections, I would add a "Summary" section with 4-5 bullet points. For that section, think about what the top traits/skills the position you want require -- perhaps you can find those in the job ad -- and then list your competency in those areas plus anything else that makes you shine.

Here's an example from a resume I did about 10 years ago. Below the summary section, my job experience and education sections were the "proof" of the skills mentioned in the summary, but just by reading the summary my potential new employer could quickly see that I was a strong candidate for what they needed, without them having to wade through my employment history.


  • Strong, extensive, and demonstrated IT skills in PHP web application programming and MySQL database development and administration.
  • Significant training and experience in system administration on several variants of Linux/Unix. Currently the sole system administrator for three production servers running Linux and Unix-based Mac OS X.
  • Experienced installing a Linux-based operating system on a bare box either as a server or a workstation, including setting up a firewall, intrusion detection system, and network connectivity; configuring services; installing software; and adding users.
  • Strong emphases on system, network, database, and application security; automation through programming/scripting; and establishing/documenting standardized procedures.
  • Substantial supporting IT skills in computer lab administration, IT training, multimedia materials development, website creation, and office productivity software.
  • Intelligent, innovative, hard-working, and proactive. A committed professional who gets things done. A Tom Peters groupie! (Brand You, the WOW Project, PSF.)

Thanks so much for your suggestion.

How is this? is it too short?

  •  Worked as a Helpdesk Operator for 7 yrs
  •  Skills in installing software and building computers, troubleshooting issues
  •  Maintaining documented procedures
  •  Willingness to learn new things.
  •  Very dependable and hardworking.

If you're going with bullets, I would go with bullets throughout (for each job).  I would also have 3-5 bullets for the current job and then 3 each for past jobs.  The further back the job, the less I like to emphasize it.  I also like an emphasis on results where possible, and like Reid, I like to make the bullets/results match the job description for the position you're seeking.

Overall, it looks like you have some good experience.  Good Luck on your search.

Thanks Reine


Check all your spacing. Seems to be 2 spaces in between some of the words, and "looks" like no space before the "V" in "VT".

I'd suggest changing to a Serif typeface (like Times).

I'd take the line space out after your name at the top. (No space between your name and address). Should be a space after the parenthesis for your area code.

I'd do a new resume for each job and only put in a single objective (for that particular job). Or leave the objective out (it's obvious your objective is the job you're applying for).

Consider a comma after each company and then the location right after:

Vermont Country Store, Manchester Center, VT                                           2008 to Present

(zip code not needed)

I'd definitely get this to a single page.

As was said, consistency in bullets or no bullets.

Consistency in periods for bullet point sentences.

Set up your Education in same format as the companies above.

Leave out the References statement. It's assumed.

Post again when you've made the revisions everyone's suggested and we'll critique again.

You may want to check our Dan Miller's article entitled "Can I see your resume..." in his March 23 newsletter.  Specifically, he highlights a new resume presentation template by SlideRocket.

Regarding your current resume, I would just focus on aesthetics (spacing, sectioning, etc.), formatting (fonts, sizing, etc.), and consistency to help contrast and highlight critical information and key points!  

Hope this helps!

I would remove the "There is still a lot of processes to learn in this department" in the Data Admin Clerk description. That doesn't tell what you have done it more points out what you haven't done.   Under  Picker/Packer instead of saying everyday was differnet list some of the different thing you actually did.  In the education part I would seperate the web page, HTML and photoshops pro course by bullets remove the words " I took a couple of" Also I would remove the sentences under each institute or university you schooled at. Unless you actually got a degree for it I would not list core classes and xtra classes taken.  I also agree with doing bullets on the rest of your resume. It makes the key point easier to read. Good luck and let us know when you have made changes so we can check it out again for you. Kudos on looking for a new job :) 

Thanks to all of you for you suggestions. I did use Winway Resume 12  to create this and there are many templelates to use, so I will check some of the others out which may be better suited. All those jobs listed are with one company. I have been there for over 20yrs. I could list the other jobs I had but they were not pertinent to what I was appling for at the time. I also wanted to mention that this was the first resume I ever wrote and actually used. The jobs I applied for many years ago did not require a resume. The company I work for has in the last 4 to 5 years gone through several reorganizations with jobs being eliminated and or renaming old ones. The last 2 departments I worked in my job was eliminated, so I would either have to take severance pay or go to another department with an opening. It worked out the first time around I was able to stay on for another 4years, but this time I am not sure.  For the interume I am staying on in our Product developement department, it is possible I could stay in that department as they will be reviewing their long term needs in the next 2 weeks if not it will be done at the end of April. I work with a great bunch of people and their are pushing to keep me in that department. I trust God to lead me in the right path. Some doors close, but there is always another doors that opens.


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