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I have only been in this community for a few days and already many members of it are helping me with my business idea and marketing and I am grateful for this.


I have another question, how does everyone find the energy and creativity to work after they get home from work? I almost want to go into a vegetable like state, and only get something done towards "at home income" when I have a really bad day at work.


Any suggestions or habits that help you guys? 

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Thanks for the advice,  I have a 2 year old daughter so she is not much help, but is a cutie so it is hard not to play instead of work.  I am going to start a software training consulting business and will soon have a teaching position at a community school which I am really excited for, but nothing will happen until mid September.  I am getting really impatient for the opportunity.

I work second shift so my approach is a little different than you but I have some thoughts:

1. whenever I don't feel like working I always listen to a 48 Days podcast and/or read some message boards and make some replies.  This is usually good for getting me "in the mood" for working.

2.  I tell everyone about my idea and what is going on in my startup.  Doing this also fires me up but also provides some outside accountability to keep getting things done.  There is nothing worse than telling my coworkers I didn't accomplish anything when they ask me about my business.

3. I involve my spouse to make me do the things I need to do.  I tell my spouse what I plan on doing and she pushes me to get them done.


Also I know all about impatience, channel that to spur you on over your exhaustion!

I implemented my 30/30 plan a while ago & it's working for me.


I get up earlier in the morning, spend 30-minutes in quiet devotional time & then 30-minutes working on my business. Sometimes I fit more time, but for the most part it's 30/30.


Like you, I'm in a vegatative state at the end of the day and find it hard to stay up too late.


Whatever you do - find time daily to build your dream!



Great question, Michael. I think it comes easy when you love what you do. I used to be an airline pilot and would leave home at 3am. I'd fly until 10 am perhaps, then sit in a hotel and work for another 10-12 hours. I loved it but happy to be done and fully working for myself.

When yo u have little time available make sure you have a strategic plan (http://www.coachradio.tv/155-coach-radio-dont-do-a-business-plan) and you're working on the right things.
My business is a bit different as it is a farm. Because I have animals to care for, I have to get things done.  I get up at 5:00 sent a couple hours getting my farm chores done, then spend my 8+ hours at my JOB.  (I am lucky to get to work from home so at least I don't have to commute).  Then when my JOB is over for the day, I am back outside working the farm until about 8:00 pm.  Shower, dinner, and then I usually spend an hour on the computer marketing or putting classes together.  I do not have any young children at home and hubby travels often so when I sit down in the evening, I only have to worry about me.  Someday, I will be able to give up the JOB and have some time to relax. 
I just started as well and what I do is schedule a hour a day to work on my business. I have a newborn and work at my current job about 50 hours a day. I normally get up 30 to 45 early and then after everyone goes to bed I do the same thing. While I commute I listen to podcast like "No More Mondays." Justin and Andy are a big reason I finally launched.

I am right there with you Michael. By the time I get home from work, I am tired. But, I have found some things that work for me. Maybe they will help you too.


The first thing that I learned was to not fight my body's natural rhythms. Instead of working on my business at night, I get up earlier in the morning. I am more of a morning person than a night person so I get up at 5:30AM every morning. I work from 5:30 to 7:00AM. Then, I get ready for my full-time job.


I still work at night when I get home from work, but I make sure that my high priority work is already done. Then, at night I can focus on tasks that are easier for me to do when my energy is not at its highest.



Thanks everyone for the replies, I also figured I need to work out a little if even just a half hour jog, with a computer job in the day and working on the computer at night I am doing a lot of sitting!

Hey Michael,

I currenctly work a full time day job as an IT Engineer (approx 50 hours a week).  Then I get off, change clothes, and go deliver pizzas for between 3-6 hours a night(appox. 25 hours a week).  Then, on lunch breaks, weekends, and any other non-family free time I have, I am a freelance web designer (approx. 5-10 hours a week.  You are right, I was used to working 1 job and doing a little bit of freelancing on the weekends.  I came home, hung out with my wife, and just relaxed because I was physically and mentally tired.


But we are trying to get out of debt with what Dave Ramsey calls "Gazelle Intensity."  Picture a gazelle being chased by a lion.  They can run FAST!  They can't do it for very long, but for a brief time they can really move!  That is the same principle we are applying to our lives.  I am only going to be delivering pizzas for between 3-6 months.  I am going to be a freelancer my whole life, but the 20 hours a week delivering pizza is only temporary.  Once we get out of debt, my wife and I promised each other we would go back down to working 40-50 hours a week.  


Try to find something that you love to do (this makes working while tired refreshing.  But if you can't do that and need to get a product out, out of debt, or a business started, work with Gazelle Intensity: short, high-energy bursts.


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