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Someone here sent me a link to a page on 48 days, however in that page contained a link to a work at home scam page. Most work at home programs are scams, and those that require me to pay a fee are just as bad. Does anyone know of any legit work at home opportunities? I am trying to find a way to make some extra money during the day before work, but am not sure as to what as the area where I live is not exactly the best economy. I have a bit of experience in the warehouse industry which is a HUGE job market in South Carolina. 

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I can't remember any specific company names because it has been so long since I looked into anything like this, but there are legitimate companies that handle customer service calls by having people take those calls at home.  You sign into their system and accept the calls through it, and get paid by the hour or by how many calls you handle, depending on the company.  I think that WestAtHome.com was a legitimate one.  Start googling and looking, and you'll find forums where people do such things.  Work at home mom (WAHM) forums can be a great place to look, too.  

There was also a site called Volition.com that had some various types of work in a similar vein.  Some was mystery shopping, but there were other things you could do as well.  My mom actually did some mystery shopping, and if you get good at it you can get some pretty cool gigs that pay very well to go into banks and apply for loans using fake identifications that the bank provides you with.  The banks just want to make sure that their process work as they are supposed to work, and that things are handled appropriately.  

I need to check this out, thanks..

Check out ClarkHoward.com he's got a few legit ones.

I need to check this out, thanks..

I work primarily from home, and know many who do. Most of those I know who do this do so as a small (or micro) business owner with clients as opposed to being an employee with an employer. They have a marketable skill which they can use without having to be "on site" -- copy writing, graphic design, programming, marketing, etc. They can choose how many clients they want at any given time to try to keep the rest of their life in balance.

Know that marketable skills can be learned, too, so don't despair if you feel you have none. Just for one example, my 15-year-old has more work than she knows how to handle, doing something that she didn't know existed eight months ago, making an hourly wage that many 10 years older than her would envy. She had some initial (interesting!) learning/investment to do, but now she has a skill she can use to do side work all through high school and college.

What type of work does she do?

Web-based demos, sales overviews, and tutorials for various software programs. She uses Camtasia and Adobe After Effects and does work for several clients who do software development.

Here's a bit more of the story:


John, what else can you do?

Audio? Photography? Website design? Coding? Consulting? Typing / dictation?

What are your main hobbies?  Do you have any fans or an audience?

I love photography, however I lack professional software applications, and money is tight right know. I can type and do data entry as I do a bit of this at work as the invoice clerk. My main hobbies are reading, writing, working out, playing with animals, computers, etc.. If I could make a living reading and writing book reviews that would be wonderful as long as the books are Christian. I need to think of some ideas. 

I know that Hilton Hotels and 1-800 Flowers have customer service positions in which you can work from home.

Thank you so much for these ideas. Yea it would be good to make some extra money from home. 

I sell stuff on ebay... from my kids outgrown clothing to items I find on super sale.  I've also just signed on with freelancer.com, but I haven't tried for any jobs there yet. 


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