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Will Writing a Weekly Editorial Bring Coaching Clients?

Our local newspaper has offered to publish my content as a weekly editorial on life improvement. 

As a coach, I'm considering it as another opportunity to fill my pipeline. Have you, or anyone you know, used this strategy?

If not, I'd still love to know your thoughts. Do you think writing a regular editorial will bring clients?



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I think that's a great opportunity to expand your brand, and add some credibility. Even if the paper itself doesn't bring you clients it is a legitimate publication that is publishing your work. It will add to what you are doing.  

I agree Allen! I'm thinking it's another way to repurpose already existing content :)

Thank you!

Maybe not directly, but it lends credibility.  I would compare it to guest-blogging for someone with an existing platform.  Can you specifically say it will be in X amount of new clients?  No.  But on the other hand, could it DETER any new clients from joining up with you?  Absolutely not.  Go for it!

Great point Pete! I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement! 

It may be a little different than my experience because it's print but my column for The Good Men Project has had a huge impact on my traffic and therefore sales.

If they have a digital version (most papers do) I would add a link to your column in your email signature line, Twitter description and Facebook description.

In fact, I haven't updated my social media yet!!

I gotta go, my to do list just got longer!

Ha John! Love your ideas! Thanks for your suggestions.

I'm glad to hear your contributions are paying off!

Sorry your list got longer though :)

It's also good practice writing and getting yourself out there.  People will work with you who know, like, and trust you.  Getting yourself in the paper starts you on the "know" path and hopefully over dime you will develop a readership of "likes" who eventually trust you enough to reach out to offer to pay you.

I couldn't agree more!

Know, like, and trust, are so important. I feel that in our attempts to be a success overnight, that we often overlook those elements.

Thanks for the encouragement Robert!


When I was first starting as a career coach I started sending notes to The Nashville Business Journal.  Just short tips on 5 Fatal Flaws in Interviewing, 10 Tips for Job Search Success, etc.  They would run those as op-ed pieces.  Readers started asking for regular content so they asked if I would do a weekly column, which I then did for 4 years.  That absolutely did put me on the map as a career coach and those articles led to clients, interviews and speaking opportunities.  

Writing has always been my biggest and most effective marketing tool.  

Wow! Great story!

There's a theme that keeps coming up in my business: Consistency. The fact that you wrote a weekly column for 4 years really stresses that to me.

I'm currently using C.J. Hayden's, "Get Clients Now!" book and she also emphasis the importance of being consistent in our marketing.

In the online business world, it's easy to jump from one thing to another when we don't see immediate results (at least it has been for me). Being consistent in the marketing channels that are the best fit for us, seems to be key.

Thanks for sharing Dan. It was encouraging!

^agree with statements above

My 2 cents:

test, test, test!

How long are you willing to do this? Seems like it wouldn't be too much work if you're allowed to retain intellectual property and can resubmit old blog posts for their column. I've done that with some success.

If it doesn't get you a predetermined amount of clients, then maybe it isn't worth pursuing.

Sounds like a great opportunity tho! 

Good point. Testing is always a good idea! How long am I will to do it? Maybe 4 years (per Dan's example :)

I like the fact that you brought up intellectual property. I'll make sure that's not an issue. 

Thanks Alex!


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