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When you find yourself in a "funk", what do you do to get yourself out?

What's your best remedy to get out of a "funk"?

Share your thoughts below.

All the best,


Pressing Forward

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For me, it really depends on how deep of a "funk" I have let myself get into. If it's just a little funk then all of the typical answers are quite effective. Things such as exercise, positive reading, and listening to good audio (books and podcasts) can be very helpful when I have hit a bump. 

Also, this past week after attending Coaching With Excellence I was reminded how helpful workshops, seminars, and conferences can be in this area. This is absolutely the fastest and best way I have found to springboard back into awesomeness. If I can't get to a live event then sometimes attending a webinar or teleseminar can be beneficial, but there is nothing quite like going to an event. 

30 minutes out of the house/office/home office/normal routine.  I find that just 30 minutes to connect with someone is helpful.  It could be a friend, church member, or strangely, just someone at a gas station or coffeeshop.  That connection, or observation of the commerce, engagement, entertainment, and communication going on outside of "my little world" can take me out of a slight funk.

I try to do things I enjoy like read, listen to podcast, watch YouTube videos that's suit my interests, etc. I try to do some sort of activity and listen or read something positive. 

Community service can be a great way to reconnect with what is important and valuable. Whether it's helping out at the homeless shelter, doing a trail clean-up, or giving blood, you put things in perspective and appreciate the great things that you have and the value of the special people in your life.

GIRL..YOU NEED TO LAUGH! LIFE is a Gift we know that and sometimes we get way too serious...sure I have standards and listen and try and be obedient to HIM.. And getting in a FUNK does take us neck high into seriousness..Worry Anxiety...bogging us down from Enjoyment. He also Forgives and gives us 2nd chances! So my answer is 1A LAUGHTER. Counsel with others  and  Laugh..Lord Bless

All really good suggestions thus far... I like to be mindful, personally. A little meditation and reflection on how far I've come, what positives are happening in my life right now, and really just "be" in the moment.
Get back to the basics. Call in sick to work in the middle of the week and workout, eat well, and write down 10 ideas (Thanks James Altucher).
Listen to Dan Miller's podcasts! And then follow that up with some fun, upbeat music. You should probably sing to it, really loud, and give it your all! And then laugh at yourself for doing it. Rinse and repeat.

All really good suggestions and such a variety. Hopefully, this will help anyone in our community that may need a little inspiration to get going again!


I think sometimes when we are in that deep funk place, it's really hard to figure out what to do next.  I learned years ago that I need to have the list ahead of time, so I can just take it out and read through it, choose one and I usually can make myself do it.  Here are some of mine:  Call a friend, get outside in the sunshine,  clean out a cabinet, closet or drawer, read a good book, breath and meditate, go dancing, hula-hoop, complete a project.  I think it also helps if you think about your personality style - D's need to have a task to complete, I's need to have fun with a group, S's need to reach out to their close friends and C's need to make a plan.  Hope it helps, great question!!!!

Think the opposite of what keeping you there. If it's not a physical problem then it's mental and that you can change by thinking more postitive thoughts. You tube nick vujicic no arms no legs no worries and if this guy can make it through life positive so can you. Praying that God will reveal your life's purpose will help you. Once you understand purpose the problems only become detours. Hope it helps
God bless


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