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Thought this might be a great discussion to start for all of us as we start to move into 2017. As you have probably heard Dan mention, he has his goals completed each year in November (if you haven't already downloaded Dan's worksheet on goals, you can find it at:  Goal Setting Worksheet).

With that in mind, though it might be nice for the group to share any of the following:

  • What goals are you wanting to shoot for in your own life or career in 2017?
  • What obstacles may be holding you back?
  • What are some of your accomplishments for 2016 and what are you doing to celebrate?

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John, SHUT UP! That is just awesome!!!!!
SOOOO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!
With the speaking, if it works as a great funnel to your coaching then at the end of the day it would be the same result as getting paid. Just a thought. If you ever want to get together for some sessions around getting booked, let me know as I would be delighted. In coaching with speakers at Jane Atkinson's group, it has been fascinating to watch speakers fulfill their dreams. Jane also has a new session starting up in January if you are interested. With Jane's session you get a coaching session with Jane and I included. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with Kent Julian's Speak It Forward camp, however think he is only having it once this year. Both programs and my own coaching sessions are great and offer a different perspective and value for each.
Again, however if you are able to use your speaking as a way to get booked for your coaching, and you are happy, then what the heck, go for it.
Anxious to see where 2017 takes you.

I thought of another goal/obstacle for 2017; living within my means.  I never think of myself as someone who lives extravagantly; I live in the Midwest, not in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan, and I cook at home frequently, so it could be a lot worse.  I am always making money at my various projects (and I am very thankful for that), but somehow my savings never build up as quickly as I would hope.  I'm going to have to do some thinking about ways to spend less of what I earn.  Reading your itemized lists of goals is giving me inspiration.  The 48 Days community is very helpful.  It's great to read these forums.  I don't like to think of business as dog eat dog; I like it that the 48 Days community is full of such decent people who generally have a sunny outlook about entrepreneurship.

What a great perspective. I wonder perhaps if adding to it a little and challenging yourself to bring in additional income might bring more of an abundance attitude. Dan talks about carrying a $100 bill in his pocket even when their family was struggling with finances - his attitude included looking at ways he could earn more versus cutting back. I really like the idea of cutting back and that is what our family has been focusing on these past few months especially as we were wasting so much, however it has been nice to also focus on ways to bring in more as it allows me not to focus on scarcity, but to focus on abundance.
Again, just a thought.

Scratch that - I see you already have a note about ramping up your website business. 

What a great niche you have - very specific!! 

Hi Jen! I just finished my goal worksheets and here are a few:

For starters, be more involved on this site again. It's been awhile! After that a few more goals on my list is as follows:

1. Start documenting my journey online (the good, the difficult, the losses, the wins) beginning January 9th.

2. Pursue my art by developing my skills. Along the way, Create, Build, and Connect with God and family.

3. Sell my physical products that I am building and generate a side income. Even if it is small, I need this. I need to have a win in this area.

Thanks for all of your generosity and I wish you a wonderful 2017. :-)


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