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What does a coaching package look like? What do I offer that will provide value for a month, much less a three month package?

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Hi Dane,

This actually would be a great discussion to post in the Coaching with Excellence group as I am sure they will have some great insights to share. You can find the group HERE.

Best wishes on moving forward. 


Your package would actually depend on THREE important things: Your Niche Market, How you solve the problems that market faces and what outcome you want them to achieve by purchasing that package.

Packages can be structured in many different ways. Much of that is dependent on the individual coach's style of coaching. Packages can include audio, visual, webinar, conferencing and any other number of teaching tools. Different coaches use different methods, some use a combination, some use one particular technique. The logistics of how you deliver a particular coaching opportunity also is a choice you make; whether you will drip info over a period of time or it will all be given at once etc.

When I work with clients to develop their packages, one very important detail is to look at what material they already have ( if any) and to develop packages accordingly. Many people don't have an idea where to start but once they have more clarity about who their client really is and what they specifically want to offer to help them, the packages begin to evolve. Coaching packages are usually very specific as each has a specific goal. Feel free to look at the ones on my site if you'd like. http://www.kathybrunner.com/products/

Are you trying to develop a coaching package or talking about participating in one with a coach?


I appreciate your reply.

My goal is to brand myself as a new or struggling business development coach, emphasis in working with chiropractors.

I am a massage therapist. I recently started teaching massage at a local, accredited school. I have helped one chiropractor bring in his first massage therapist and I trained her on some specifics in regard to working in his office.

After looking at your site, I'm thinking about creating a program to teach chiropractors how to bring in massage and maximize the benefits of massage for their business. This will give me an evergreen product and validation of value.

Until that program is ready, I'm struggling to know how to position myself as a chiropractic business development coach. Numbers wise, I'd like to be offering some sort off 3-6 month package at $500-$1k/ month. I'm trying to figure out what I can offer that will be valuable enough to pay that much and for that long.

I'm struggling, but optimistic!

You could survey chiropractors and find out what they see as their biggest business problems and work from that arena.

I would hesitate to develop a program before I really knew what the pressing needs of that niche was as it will just save time, resources and money to promote on your part. You already know how to bring in a new value to a chiropractic office. Use that as leverage but after you know what their biggest issues are, you can develop a practical package or program to help address those issues.

Often what we think is valuable is not what our customers or clients really see as valuable. You have to meet them at where they are. Remember your business should address what they want rather than what you think they want.

There is a learning curve at the beginning of every business. Growing it strategically can minimize that mountain!

Let me know how things are going.

Well said kathy!

Thanks, Allan!


Fantastic question my friend. I would venture to say that not only could you teach them how to integrate MT's into their practice, but you could showcase how to diversify their revenue streams whilst helping their clients. You could also show them how to leverage social media to their benefit and increase social traffic. These types of companies are always looking for free advertisement, and you could show them how to capitalize on getting free online reviews from their clients. 

There is an array of things you could show them and yet still be in that tight niche of being the Chiropractor's coach. 


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