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What books have you been reading? What are key things you've learned from them?


Here's some of the ones I've been reading:


4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris:

*Has opened my eyes to how Virtual Assistants can transform the way you do business


It's Your Call by Gary Barkalow

*Some of the best material I've ever read on God's call for our lives


Radical by David Platt

*Has reminded me of my love for 'crossing cultures' and wanting to reach out to people groups around the world


Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo

*Reminds me of why I do what I do every day...it's not just for life here on this earth.


How about you???





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Just finished Super Rich by Russell Simmons, now reading Poke the Box by Seth Godin

From Rusell, meditate. Work to serve others; let go of the results

Seth- ship it, create, release, fail, create, release, etc

The latest few I've been reading have been...


Book Yourself Solid- Michael Port

This one really helped me find new ways to reach potential clients.  For the most part, I am an introvert, so to have new strategies to network and find potential new clients was very helpful.


Compound Effect- Darren Hardy

This book hit home because I often look at goals as some huge task that will take a lot of effort and time, and then not get started because I'm intimidated by the challenge.  This book helps you accomplish the big goal by making progress in small steps.


The Holy Bible - Written by God

One of my long time goals is to read the bible (all of it) in one year.  Started, never finished....started again, not so much.  This year, I took the principles from 'The Compound Effect' book I explained above, got a good plan of daily reading, started January 2nd and haven't missed a day's reading yet.  What a blessing it has been to read God's word everyday.




Just finished 'Up Side Down' by Gregg Pechmann. (the signed copy you gave me at Write to the Bank). It's a great read.  Very real and useful.


Have you been using a reading plan?  I've tried to read the Bible many times before, only to get into the books of law (Deuteronomy, etc) and get lost.  This year my wife and I have been following a reading plan, reading the Bible in chronological order, and it's been an incredible journey to see the Bible's stories unfold in a more rational pattern!

Paul -

I've read the Bible through before in a couple of different ways. One way is the 'One Year Bible' (available in most Christian bookstores). The other way was through the 'Daily Audio Bible' (Podcast). I also get lost in books like Deuteronomy unless I have New Testament passages to read alongside it :)



Great conversation, I love books.  I love Tim Ferris' book "THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK".  He sure makes you think of things differently.  I just finished reading "MUTANT MESSAGE" by Marlo Morgan.  This book is highly controversial, there was a debate about whether it is fiction or non-fiction.  The book was pulled as a non-fiction book and re-released as fiction.  Still it is very powerful and allowed me to be a better person with each day I read it.   It is a about a woman who travels across Australia with an Australian Aboriginal tribe.  Very spiritual.

Connie Williams


Great discussion here!

Heard lots of good things about most of the books written.....and some I've read.

Tyson - you remind us of the most important book of all :) I've read it in a year (actually, about 13 months 3 different times and meet God in new ways every time.

Sutton - I'm interested in Poke the Box and plan to read it.

Derek- glad you enjoyed Gregg's book...he did a nice job with it :)

Connie - I love cross-culturally diced books.....have not heard of Mutant Message, but am interested now!

Thanks everyone for sharing!

Poke The Box was really good. After reading it on my Kindle I ordered a hardback copy tonight to pass around.

Read and then passed around Anthem by Ayn Rand to several family members who also enjoyed it. (My 14-year-old read it in one sitting.) Short but very good. Lets you see Ayn Rand's perspective without getting buried in the much, much longer and more involved Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead.

Currently working though The Essential Advantage: How To Win with a Capabilities-Driven Strategy by Leinwand and Mainardi as part of my "work ON the business".

And for fun I'm re-reading Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. Surprisingly entertaining novel written in England in the 1800s. If you want to give yourself an enjoyable break, this is it!

I need to check out 'the Last Lecture'.  I've heard the story and it's gotten a few mentions lately...must be a powerful book.   Same with the 4Hour Workweek.

I really love the Last Lecture!  Watching the video presentation was excellent but the book allows him to add more.  My daughter was salutatorian  at her school and she based her presentation on this book.

I read it a couple of years ago as well...really cool book. Haven't seen the video, but bet it would add a lot to it :)

No more Dreaded Mondays-- paperback expanded version by Dan Miller

* Lays the foundation for developing a life of congruency and integration, as opposed to living in conflict with your soul at an   un-loved job Monday-Friday.
Dear Family, The L'Abri Family Letters 1961-1986 by Edith Scheaffer

*Inside glimpses at family and group dynamics across two continents and 2 1/2 decades with Edith and Francis Scheaffer.

The Shelter of Each Other-- Rebuilding our Families  by Mary Pipher

* Does for families what Reviving Ophelia did for adolescent girls.

Heaven is  For Real by Todd Burpo

*An intriguing look into one "young man's vision", and the parents' struggle to genuinely let the story unfold in the aftermath of significant family traumas.



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