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I am looking for ideas to make money online and would like to hear from those that are actually making money online. Thanks in advance.

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Some good free podcasts, and some paid products.  I don't think they are too expensive, and he's legitimate.  (talks about niche sites, blogs, affiliates, etc.)

I just found the podcast last week, loved his 3 part recent series.


Hey Jason,

I just found smartpassiveincome.com just a few days ago and your right, Pat Flynn has some awesome products and ideas.

Hi Jason,

I sent a friend's invite to you! After you accept, then I can send a message to your inbox. I'm happy to share with you about what I'm doing.

Jason Pesigan said:
Hello Anita. Would like to learn more about what you are doing. I'm researching on how to make money online. Thanks.
Anita Boyer said:
Hi all - here's another one (I'm really excited about this): I'm giving away a neat, little free web tool that just about every household can use in these difficult economic times.

In my first few days (actually less than 48 hours), I made $50! That's not making a full-time income - yet - but extra income coming in - yes!

The concept of this business model is so simply - give away the free tool, and make good money doing it.

I'm willing to share more, if anyone wants to know more, but it's way too much to detail in this post (PM me).
Hi Anita,

I'm always on the lookout for income streams online. Would love to know what it is you do to. Sent you a friend invite. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

God bless..

If you like risk, you could always try currency trading. It is not for the faint of heart, and is financially suicidal if you dont know what you are doing and put up a huge capital and loose it. There are demo accounts you can practice on for free. It is definetly easy money, basically effortless, and costs nothing except initial capital. You can strat with as little as 200 bucks on a micro account. I average 200 -300 bucks a month on a 2500 dollar account.
One way I make money online is by creating sites that fill a need and then market those sites - I created one recently called deskhunters.com - it is an online market place for desk rentals.

I sell microstock images online.  My pictures are my one 'digital asset' that I'm able to sell.  I'm a slow learner on the subject "content is king", and I haven't been doing a good job of creating more "content".

Can't sell what you don't have.  Can sell someone else's stuff I guess. Even ideas and thoughts have to be documented in order to share online.  :)

Hello Roy,

I have been looking for a home based business that is an online business for years.  I finally found a product that I could be passionate about and proud to share with others. I never could come up with any ideas and my field of expertise is healthcare as is my husbands. Selling lipstick (avon or marykay) or spatulas never excited me, but this product does.

What would you say to selling an actual weight loss product that really works and having it as an internet based company? I am a stay at home mom with seven children and my first 6 weeks with this company my huband and I have made $2,000 and we have lost a combined 24 pounds!  The testimonies from this product are amazing and I am so excited I am sharing with anyone who will listen.  Please check out my website and contact me if you are interested.  www.plexusslim.com/melissacollins

We have been with Plexus Worldwide now for 9 weeks.  The growth of our team has been phenomenal!  We have 32 people selling under us and our income has doubled in a month.  This product sells itself and best of all, they really work. So many people are using less insulin, getting off their blood pressure and cholesterol medications and blodd
Blood sugars are normalizing in the morning. It's exciting to see my diabetic customers have such wonderful health benefits and weight loss.

I am a graphic / web designer and sell my services online




All of my business correspondence can be done online so it is not a problem for me.

There are a lot of job offers available online. There are various freelance web sites to start with.  You can try data entry and other administrative descriptions as your entry level just to gain a feedback.  You might actually be surprised that thaere are tons of opportunity online and it is not far fetched to earn big out of it. You do not have to spend extra as you just have to stary at home, and the best part is, you decide when you do your work, that is if you are not working on an hourly basis.

I highly recommend that you take your time before jumping in to "the next shiny online making money thing".  There are three sites I don't hesitate to tell you to study before doing anything:

a) The Smart Passive Income Blog

b) Internet Business Mastery

c) MasonWorld


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