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I have set a goal of making an additional $2,600 a month.  Dan says that wealth isnt made by the hour, it's made with ideas and a plan of action.  I have started several businesses: gutter cleaning, yard work, window cleaning, dry cleaning delivery.  They make money but not $2,600 a month.  So now I'm looking for idea then I can make a plan of action.  Does anyone have any ideas?    

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Ideas... that's the thing I think many people struggle with. We all look at others ideas that make millions and go "Wow! That's a great idea!"

I'm sure you've already gone through the 48 Days Low Cost Business Ideas; those are great ideas and sound a lot like what you've already started doing. But the million/billion dollar ideas most likely you'll come up with.

This is where creative thought and idea making comes in. Dan talks about this some in his book No More Monday's and I've seen many other places talk about this. I just read an article today in a email newsletter (Success Magazine) about creativity. Here's the ideas it had.

===== Strengthen Your Brain Muscles =====

Just like your body, you can improve your mental fitness with these simple exercises.

Take a deep breath. Breathing is the only bodily function that we do both voluntarily and involuntarily. Inhale and exhale deeply to improve your physiological and psychological well-being.

Tell a good story. Sharing experiences in a compelling and fun way sharpens your mental recall.

Mix up your routine. Take a different route to work, or sit with your legs crossed opposite the way you normally would. Changing your typical way of doing things tells your brain to wake up and pay attention.

Write. Writing notes, poetry, stories or in a journal helps your memory, clarifies your thinking and engages your creativity.

Laugh. Endorphins released when you laugh lower your stress and can help your long-term health.

Perfect your posture. Try solving a problem while slouching down at your desk versus sitting upright and see how it impacts your outcome. Proper posture improves blood flow to your brain bringing mental clarity and improved memory.


As much as we like the internet and TV... those things don't help as much with creative thinking. So reducing the amount of time you have those in your life helps.

Also reading books and listening to podcasts/talks is great for getting ideas while applying the above ideas. In short there is a lot of money to be made out there, you just have to come up with the ideas. Generally it involves solving a problem or meeting a need.

Anyone else have thoughts to add?

(On a side note I thought I'd add what kind of ideas I've been kicking around...
Solving crime problems... with technology. It's a big topic but that's what I'm looking at doing. Sometimes it's just a matter of putting the system and resources together too.)
Happy Creative Thinking!
I have done similar things. In the morning I listen to motivational cds and been reading positive inspiraional books. Started exercising. I like the writing idea. One of my long term goals is to write a book. So keeping notes will help me start this process. Thanks for the ideas.
I'm at the very beginning of where you are, looking to start my first idea in the next few weeks. My approach is to take a simple idea, say gutter cleaning, and then to expand it two or three times. Gutter cleaning > outer home maintenance > property maintenance > property management. Try taking a look at a larger picture than just one service and see what steps you'd need to get to that point.

I think you'll be surprised how many steps you can make that will naturally turn into an action plan.
I never thought of it in that way. Thanks
Hi Scott -

What things do you enjoy doing most? What are you most passionate about? People that build businesses around those things are more likely to succeed....the money follows that.

Sounds like you've got good experience as an entrepreneur...that should help - you should be a couple steps ahead of folks that haven't done it before....

In Him,
I know Dan talks about doing what you enjoy doing. But the things I enjoy doing are: surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, fishing, hunting, reading. Im not sure I can start a business doing these things in Houston. One thing I do really enjoy is delivering pizza. I drive around talk to customers and it makes people happy. I dont make much money. But I do it from time to time when Im bored.

Just a quick thought that popped into my mind while reading your post. If you truly enjoy delivering pizzas why not do it for yourself? Start a pizza delivery business by offering to deliver pizzas from pizzarias that do not offer their own delivery. There is always at least one uber-popular pizza place in town (in Houston I'm sure there are many) that doesn't deliver. Negotiate with the owner to give you a 20% discount off the menu price and then charge the customer an additional $5 delivery fee on top of the regular menu price...you could easily make $8 - $12 per delivery and on a busy weekend could likely put at least a few hundred in your pocket. Think "Meals On Wheels" for pizzas. You could even negotiate with more then one pizza place. Just a thought...

Not just with pizza but with any meal from any restaurant... focus on a few and expand! Work with some of the regulars and build your business from there. I like the idea! :D


And how about becoming a surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding instructor? I haven't looked into it but I've heard ski instructors make good money. Golf instructors do too. 


Keep in mind in the beginning things won't be happening super fast but you can build on your business. 


How about instructional videos on how to do one of those things you love. A newsletter, a podcast, then start writing content for those topics. What you know about them. This all takes time and at first it can seem more like a hobby but eventually you'll be there. :)

Things going slow is part of my problem.  For example my dry cleaning and gutter business.  I get a ton of business one week the next week I make nothing.  Delierving for other restaurants is an great idea.  I just need to figure out an plan.

Last year i looked into a skateboarding camp for kids.  Liability was a concern.  It worried me so much that I decided not to do it.

I also like the instructional video idea.  Do the work once and get paid over and over.

The question is how long should it take?  How long do I go not making money?



Some businesses take years to show a profit. With any kind of business you have to think long term. Being in business for yourself involves personal sacrifice now and hopefully you'll reap the rewards down the road. There are no guarantees but one....your in charge of your own destiny.

Good idea!

I think that Dan is talking about residual income. If you get continuous income streams in place (do the work once and keep getting paid for it) your wealth will grow much faster. Examples are write a book, ebook, write for ehow, write a blog, rent out a house. Things like this. Research residual income ideas and find one that fits you.



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