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Hello all,


I'm nearly done with the first year of a 2-year online MBA program.  My career goals are in art - fine art and and graphic art.  When I began the MBA I really didn't know what I wanted to do but I've always wanted my own business and I wanted to become more marketable so I began.  In that time I investigated a few different careers but I finally found what I want to do - freelance illustration and fine art.


Now that I know what I want to do, I have doubts that completing my MBA will help me.  If I stop now I will have large debt but no degree.  If I finish I'll have even larger debt but at least I'll have the degree. 

Should I quit while I'm ahead or go ahead and finish, trusting that perhaps the MBA will benefit me in the future?

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Wow...that's a tough call for you I'm sure. My 2 cents is that you can always go back to school and finish your degree. Schools will always be around. You don't need more debt for a degree that might not serve you as well as you think. You already will have enough debt to pay off as it is. If you find that you "need" your MBA....finishing at a later date could be the way to go. A degree isn't a "degree" for a lot of folks now.
Yes, that's true.  It's not an all or nothing thing.  I can finish later on if I need it down the road.  Thanks for your "2 cents!"  : )

My 2 cents - I think the MBA is really only useful for the environments that are impressed by it, i.e., companies that will hire you as their employee. There are plenty of cheaper ways to get the education and the connections that people always say are such a valuable part of an MBA program.


On a personal note, I was one semester into a master's degree in Music Technology from NYU when I realized I was racking up debt for a largely meaningless degree, so I swallowed my debt and my pride and got out of there. Try making a pros/cons list to see if it's worth staying. Either way you decide, that should help you feel better about your decision.


Thanks for sharing your experience.  Yes, swallowing my pride (and the debt) is a big deal, but there are times when it's better to just cut your losses rather than creating a money pit...


Thanks again,


This is amazing that you asked this question is recently read a great article that sums this up: Hopes this gives some insight!



Thanks, Mike,

I read the article.  It was really eye-opening!!

Speaking as a woman who recently married into large college debt for a useless graduate degree.....I say quit while you're ahead.

My husband decided to get his masters in exercise science because his dad wanted him too and he didn't know what else to do being afriad his family would not approve of his true career choice (being a police officer).  He had no money and wasn't able to work much while in school so he did it all with ALOT of loans.   Now that debt load is crushing us because after losing his job last year and knowing he wouldn't be happy as anything other than a police officer the only job he could find was in a small town with a smaller salary.  You never know what is going to happen in life!  Why take on more debt - especially for something you don't really want?

The faster you start working in your desired area the quicker you will earn a great living doing what you want.  You have to consider the opportunity costs of staying in school and how will you feel continuing in classes that you know won't necessarily help you with what you really want to do in the future.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful art soon!

Thanks, Amanda, for the encouragement!  Thanks, also, for sharing your experience.  It's really helpful to see it from the spouse's point of view.  Although I am not married, I would hate to have to explain all this to a future spouse!  And I think you are absolutely right.  I'm cutting my losses and focusing on creating the life I truly want!


I appreciate the input!  : )




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