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I have discovered something in my devotionals lately that may be of interest to you. Wanna know the secret? Then read the book of Daniel several times and discover some central themes on God's sovereignty & human responsibility. There are 3 ways that people respond to the Bible these days.

1) Isegesis- These type are in the minority in comparison, but what they do is read into the text, take things out of context, and approach the text as a creator, rather than an investigator. Classic examples of these preachers are Joel Osteen & Rick Warren. Preachers like John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, & Erwin Lutzer, approach the text as an investigator and are far more Biblical in their sermons and books.

2) Mysticism & Sensationalism- Many that approach the text or claim christianity, respond to the text via their experience and feelings. For example Biblical evangelism involves confronting people about sin, hellfire, and the cross. Many that do not take the gospel seriously approach the text with pragmatism in mind, and avoid biblical evangelism because it does not always reap instant results, and does offend people living in sin. Countless times I have tried to be a Berean and reason with these type, but they always point back to their experience and their feelings as being a stronger authority than the word of God.

3) Indifference- The majority of people that do not take the bible seriously just ignore it. They do not read into the text, because they do not read their Bibles. For example many in this camp like to read books by self-help experts whom do not use the Bible as their authority in their books, or do not quote the Bible at all (yet claim to be Christian). Frankly it might be better to respond to the text as a creator, rather than one whom is indifferent, because then at least you have a common reference point.

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Seriously, John if you have that big of a problem with the community of 48 Days why do you continue to come here?  I am insulted by your continuing insinuation that people on here do not know the Word of God nor properly follow it.  You have made it sound like we are all sheep following an antichrist. I, for one am not as I am sure many here are not. Yes, I am trying to be the best me I can be and increase my income at the same but this is in Christ not apart from Him. 

   I have seen you repeatedly speak your opinion on how these "self-help" books do not follow God's plan or have only a couple ideas that you might follow. I have watched as you, refusing to change your behaviour, continue to search out jobs using your way.  I have seen as this has yes resulted in a job for you BUT it is now a job you cannot stand and are once again seeking new employement. Consider what might have happened if you had actually followed the 48 day plan what might have happened. You would have sought out how God created you and so applied it to your work. Imagine how amazing that would have been. There is still a chance to do that.

P.S. This post would probably have been better posted as a blog post than in the forums




Tamara you have put words into my mouth, falsely accused me, and judged my motives. I do not appreciate this. This is actually a discussion I have posted on at least 2 other sites interesting on the learning I have accomplished from the book of Daniel. You read too much into what I say. 

Tamera you have also jumped to conclusion on the job hunt. I actually have a decent job for my region. I got a call for a better paying job earlier this week, but I am gonna stick out my current location unless they force me into Sundays or something of the sort gets in the way with my church or convictions. The job hunt I have done has actually worked out quite well. No I do not follow every detail of the 48 days step, but I do follow a good percentage of it. Jumping to conclusions is never a good idea. When have I ever said anything to you?

Its very important not to be judgmental by judging motives. I will accept your apology if you do apologize. I am a forgiving person. 


PS- Looking at the replies on other forums I got some good ones. 

Perhaps you should stick to those "other forums".  Just sayin'.

ok?? I guess I don't get the connection between your title and your post? What about the parable of the talents? That could be a good clue into success or prosperity. I'm pretty sure if I was going to learn about the title of your post, I would probably start in Proverbs....

and then there's this reply to Tamara:

Its very important not to be judgmental by judging motives. I will accept your apology if you do apologize. I am a forgiving person. 

What exactly do you think she should apologize for?? Having an opinion??

The parable of the talents is about using your gifts to serve the Lord and then you will be rewarded in Heaven. No where in the Bible is it taught that during this life are we promised success and prosperity. God may bless some with this, but He does not bless everyone. There are lots of poor Christians, and during the time period covered in one book I am reading, there were plenty of Christians that were fed to lions, walked to a wall and tossed over, burnt at the stake, boiled in oil, and experienced other types of deaths. There are lots of Psalms that teaches what I am saying. However if you desire evidence I can dig out my book and my Bible and point you to various places.

By reading the book of Daniel I have discovered that the sovereignty of God is a central theme, and success and prosperity is up to God. Read Daniel 3 and this theme is clearly pointed out. 


And then there's another response to the word of God...

4.) Practical Application: such as resisting to blindly follow the government sponsored meat & dairy based diet. (Daniel 1:8-12)


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