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I have had a struggle with getting my music curriculum and church growth material ready for market. I have found that worrying about my past disappointments is nothing but a distraction. Focus is the beacon of success and it is the targeting system that will help one reach their goals. Although I find it difficult to focus, I am working towards my goals. I am half way done with the music curriculum and need to pin the church growth material. I wanted to know if anyone have the same challenges that I am facing now.


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Yep. Some people call it "the resistance". Seth Godin calls it "the Lizard brain". In the words of the Church Lady, "Could it be Satan?!" Keep pushing forward (I'm saying this to me as much or more than you). You'll make it!
Thanks. I'm in the process of finding a place where I can focus on the work st hand. I appreciate your comment. It is good to know that I'm not alone.

Hi Roy!

It's always hard to look through a lens and see a clear picture when it's clouded by past disappointments. I know for me, it always take a small "success" or a personal encourager (my husband most often) to keep me going and to help me see a clearer picture.


I read a book once about writing. The author said that you cannot expect your "muse" to show up if they don't know where to find you. She encouraged her audience to set a specific time each day to sit in a place and only write. Even if nothing comes to you, go to the place at the same time each day. Maybe giving yourself these focused times of day will help you direct your attention on your future and passion and not your past.


Keep moving forward.









I have similar struggles, what I have found that helps me is looking at the past disappointments and figuring out what part was the biggest obsticle and using that as the "fuel" for my fire.  It's easy to quit - not easy to push on.  Keep it up!



I think everyone has dissapointments or failures (I know I have had more than I can count!).  The best thing you can do is learn from your past "dissapointments".  Maybe they were preparing you for what you are doing today...maybe they were meant to be failures so you could learn from them and make this idea more successful than you could ever imagine! 

My suggesstion is you keep on going...don't give up.  Some of the most successful people in the world failed...Abe Lincoln, Walt Disney, Edison, Trump, and many more.

I think Randy Paush said it best, "It's not how hard you hit.  It's how are you get hit...and keep moving forward."

Good Luck


Yep, never in my life had I felt a panic attack until the opportunity arose for me to actually follow my passion.  The reality hit me that I was actually moving forward toward what I had always dreamed of for everyone to see.  But because it was so dear to my heart, I couldn't bare the thought that I would fail...again.  So fear shook me to the core.  I would get on my knees and pray and still be terrified, even though prayer is what brought me to the place I was.  I felt in my spirit like I needed to call and discuss it with one of the only people who saw in me what God put in me.  When she spoke to me, it was like hearing the voice of God.  Even though I cannot tell you the words she spoke over me, there was peace beyond measure.

I think what you have done by posting this will help.  Just hearing that others have fears too and that you are not alone just might be what you need to continue.  Please know that Jesus redeems our past disappointments and failures.  And if we didn't need grace, how could we preach grace? 

so needed to hear your words to day Dana!  Making a plan for this new year and what I need to do to execute it.  Pretty sure we'll reach our goal of getting house- the right house for our family but trusting the Lord and his timing.


Roy, to use a football analogy, what you are feelingit is the same reason an rival coach wiill use a time out to "ice" a kicker and make him think about the kick for another minute or so. It allows the doubt, the past failures, it is too long of a kick, the snap could go wrong, they might block it...you get the picture.

This is the moment to rely on your training, your instincts, your practice of kick after kick in all kinds of weather, your natural talent...

Roy, focus and kick the ball.


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