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Tell me your business idea...you could win an autographed copy of Tribes by Seth Godin

I need 111 business ideas that are: unique, unknown or risky.

This is an assignment for Seth Godin's alternative MBA program and I need your help.

Any ideas you share here become public and anyone is free to use them.

I'll pick my favorite and send the author an autographed copy of Tribes by Seth Godin.

You can post your ideas below or if your a twitter user (and you should be) then post them here: http://www.snurl.com/111ideas

Thanks so much for all your replies. Many of them were featured in a recent blog post that Seth Godin linked to from this post. Our blog post of 999 business ideas has received over 20,000 hits.

Thanks so much for all the great suggestions. I'll keep this post open so that people can keep adding their ideas.

Tony V. of Colorado was the winner of the free autographed book. He emailed me 20 ideas that all made the final list.

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My business idea is to open female-friendly auto repair shops, complete with coffee, pastries, and manicures offered in the waiting room (change the "waiting room" into a "service room"). The main requirement would be for all the folks who work there to treat everyone with respect and to not try to snow people, particularly women. The walls would have large posters with illustrations of the engine, descriptions of what each main part does, and other posters explaining the purpose of service offerings.
Dave: Related to your idea, there are two local establishments in my area that have done something similar. The major difference is they are not high end. They are actually on the low end of the per person tab scale. One has one to three entrees on lunch menu, plus all sides are always the same. It's all comfort food. For example, Tuesday is Chicken and Noodles over mashed potatos with green beans and store bought dinner rolls. That's the only choice on Tuesday. Place is packed every day.

The second place thas three items every day. Chicken, ham and roast beef with veggie sides. That's it. Again, the place has people lined up to get in.

Dave Munson said:
Most people order only one or two different things each time they go to the same restaurant. They only do that because they haven't tried the other ones and know that they like the plate they got last time How about a restaurant that only has 7 dishes. But, each one of those dishes is the best stinking (not literally) dish you have ever tasted in that category. Nothing in the restaurant is just okay. After the waiter takes their order, and before the food is served, he could bring them a sample of the food that they didn't order. Then, after the bill is delivered, the waiter can say, "So, you tried # 4, but it's nothing compared to #6. See your tomorrow".

Best regards,

Dave Munson
Saddleback Leather Co.
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How is your Rose City Recycling going? I'm interested in a similar program in a different state. Can you give me any incite on the economics of recycling the different types of materials? What has been most successful for you? What has been least successful? Do you find that you have to change people mindset about recycling? How are you finding customers and encouraging more recycling?


BJ Hayes said:
My hometown doesn't offer curbside recycling service. After a few discussions with the city's Solid Waste Director, I started my own recycling service business. For a monthly fee, I provide a container and service it once a week. All the contents are taken to the city's collection site.

The city doesn't think people will pay for recycling service. They are wrong. Check out my website and let me know what you think www.HayesEnviro.com/recycle


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