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I found one older discussion about Teespring, but it seemed mainly like it dealt with using them for specific functions/causes. Does anyone in the community have any experience using them as an additional income source?

I've been experimenting with it a little, and the main trick seems to be running the right kind of Facebook ads.

Here's a campaign I'm trying right now with a shirt geared to the HGTV/Fixer Upper/DIY crowd. That's who I'm targeting my Facebook ads to as well.


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Dude I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have become a DIY guy out of necessity lol. But that is a great design.  I actually just bought one in the middle of writing this comment. 

I wish you the best of luck doing your business. I think you can definitely make it a viable income source. You reduce your overhead by validating your project first, much like kickstarter. In fact this to me could be built like the kickstarter of tshirts. 

Also if you send me your address I'll send you some of the beard oil I make. 


Oh man! Thanks on all sides of this...for the compliments and the beard oil offer.

I'm at...

Dr. David Powers

7249 Aventine Way- Suite202

Chattanooga TN 37421



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