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I was hoping to get some feedback on this. I started a position a few weeks back with Company A. The main benefit was being able to work from home 3 weeks and travel one week. I've got 2 daughters and a wife at home, so spending more time with them is a high priority to me.

Around the same time that my current workplace reached out to me, there was another company, Company B, that I was in contact with. At the time, they didn't have any open positions though and told me to stay in touch. I did over the next couple of months while things developed with my Company A.

I recently reached back out to Company B, and it turns out that they've got some open positions and would like to interview me. Normally speaking I wouldn't like to swap positions so close to starting a new one, but I get the feeling that Company A is very "driven" to get work done, potentially with unrealistic expectations of what can get done in a specific amount of time. I could give several examples, but I know there have been people putting way more than 40 hours a week (potentially double).

I don't have the desire to do that and I've made that clear, but when push comes to shove and that's the company culture or precedent, it's hard to avoid. I feel like I'm potentially missing things because I didn't jump on a meeting on a Sunday or something.

Company B is a complete 180 from that. They have unlimited vacation, reasonable deadlines, but the work may not be as "exciting or bleeding edge" as Company A.

So all that to say, I'm trying to get some feedback on what to do. If things worked out with Company B, I'd likely be making about the same amount of money, working again with someone I've worked with in the past and have enjoyed, and a much greater work/life balance. But then again, how do I gracefully leave a job I just started, but has been keeping me up at night and been consuming my mind on the weekends.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks Chris. That kind of follows along with my thoughts as well and my plan. I don't have an offer or anything from company B, but feel like there is a good chance of it working out. There isn't a probationary period, but it is  "at will" employment. I was having some concerns after starting, but figured I'd work through them. However, when Company B said they had some openings and wanted me to come in, my gut started turning about staying at Company A and passing this opportunity to have a much better work/life balance.

I think if your current company knew how you felt, they would likely encourage you to find a company that is a better fit. Just be sure you spend the necessary time to understand what is important to you and your family so the next company truly is a better fit.

Thank you for replying Chet.

I agree completely. About 4 years ago I went through a similar process/problem. I started as a contractor some place and it was not a good fit. Very depressing and difficult to work there. The next position I found though I enjoyed much more. It was a much better fit and I was there for 3 years until joining the most recent company. I was looking for something where I could take my skills to the next level. However, it wasn't clear to me how demanding the project they're working on would be on people's time. Many of the people here seem to "live their job", but that's just not me. I discussed my work style and expectations during the interview process, so I think it was well known. I just feel pressure to put in extra time because it seems to be the norm among the team and it doesn't seem like it's going to be letting up anytime soon. I like to do great work, but when I'm doing great work, I don't want it consuming the rest of my thoughts thinking that I should be putting in a ton of time in like others are. I'm sure it's the way I'm wired.

Maybe if I was paid by the hour it wouldn't be such a big deal. :-)

Thanks again!


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