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Well, it's to early to say it's a success, but today I registered my DBA for Adventure Naturals, an 100% organic, all-natural snack food company. We will be selling energy bars and seasoned nuts. We will start locally here in Austin, TX and quickly expand across the US! :)


We plan starting production March 1, 2011! We are still raising our startup capital on Kickstarter http://kck.st/couzJh and are at 40% of our funding. Almost there. But the ball is rolling and once the project ends, we will be ready to start production!


It has been amazing to see all the help and support we have received along the way. We are also making a lot of changes to the company before we launch that will be very exciting!


It feels great to know this is actually happening. I am enjoying every day of work, though sometimes it's frustrating when things don't go all that well, but I now love my work and look forward to seeing my new  business thrive. We have so many good things going for us. It will be a crazy journey, but I'm looking forward to every minute of it.

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Caleb - congratulations, that sounds awesome.  Great job on the video on KickStarter.  You're in an arena with lots of players as I'm sure you know.  Keep refining your unique selling proposition (USP).  Plenty of others claim to be healthy and all organic as well - you'll probably need something added to that.  Clif Bar is an obvious success story and they have the mountains and the organic thing going.  Look for ways you can stand out even from that.

Thanks Dan, we are continuing to refine and are actually renaming the business and having an illustrator create our logo. One of our USP's is 100% organic, bars like Cliff are actually only 70% organic. We are also soy free, ALL-NATURAL (Free of high fructose corn syrup, added sweetener, etc.)

Austin is the perfect place to launch too. We are so excited. I will update as things unfold.

From the video, it sounds like they are raw and sprouted.

This is vital (pun intended) for your marketing from a USP perspective, since the big player (LARA Bar) is no longer raw.


Keep us posted on the progress, and I'm requesting that you friend me on here too.


We may not sprout the almonds, but will probably use sprouted flax seed. LaraBar is mostly raw, some bars are all raw, but none of them are Organic that I know of. That is where we have a good USP. And our bars have more medicinal value than cheaper bars like RawVolution. I think we are putting ourself in a very good position.

Congratulations Caleb, that's a fantastic achievement and fantastic news - especially that it's all-natural! My husband and I run an award-winning raw foods company in the UK called Raw Love UK (http://www.rawloveuk.com). There may be scope to discussion partnerships and affiliations later down the line.

Keep up the good work :-)


(PS @Lee - I didn't know LARA bar were no longer raw? Although to be honest, I didn't like the taste of it all that much)

Cool. Yeah, definite partnership opportunity further down the road. I'll check out your site too.


LaraBar is mostly raw, some bars are all raw, but none of them are Organic that I know of.



A quick update, our Kickstarter project went from 45% funded to 65% funded overnight after a very generous backer donated! Just 35% left. http://kck.st/couzJh

Almonds will likely be a challenge...the only way to get truly raw almonds is to but imported (Italian) or buy directly from California growers.  With many of us scrutinizing the raw food industry, you may want to be highly focused on labeling that describes the process and the nature of your raw food craft.  


I looked closer last night and you really are off to a great start.  Add'l areas of attention: superfoods (Maca, goji, acai, blueberries, etc) might create a nice proposition...cacao butter, paste, or powder can be used as a delivery method for other systemic herbs, and then there's the possibility that you could co-brand with branded powders like the many green powders...

Yeah, we have several bars with fantastic ingredients, one has blueberries, another maca and cacao, they are going to be great!! I eventually hope we can get to sprouting almonds. I found one grower that can provide them at $5.50 a pound, but that is much higher than we can afford right now to keep a good profit margin. I think the ones we are getting are sproutable though, another company here uses the same supplier we are going with and they "activate" their almonds.


I like your co-branding idea too. We plan on using Sun Warrior rice protein in our Vanilla Blueberry bar. That one along with Chocolate Maca are going to be a huge hit.

Just wanted to let everybody know things are coming along well. Our Kickstarter project was a huge success and we start producing Mach. 1st.


We have our online store up and running too, and are taking pre-orders: http://beardedbrothers.myshopify.com/


And on top of that, we have changed the name of the company to bearded brothers! Just check out the shop link above to see our awesome new logo.


My business partner and I are super psyched and can't wait to see this thing take off.


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