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We just finally applied for our Business License yesterday, Leading Edge Glass is now open!  We are still renovating our lease space, building an office & a bathroom... but we are also completely mobile, able to do replacements on site at dealerships and body shops!

It is a partnership with me and my best friend, which we have been working together for the past 3-5 years in the same industry.  My friend has many accounts that will follow him anywhere, and I grew up in the Autoglass business with my family. 

In addition we will also be doing Auto & Boat Detailing (my forte), and buying/selling cars as well. 

Figure I had to post here that I am finally following my dream and opening our own business, doing what we love!!  THANK YOU 48 Days, the book that opened my eyes that I wasn't happy where I was, and I needed to start looking for what truly makes me want to work.  Like they say, if you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life!

We're still in the exciting beginning steps, having a logo designed (first proof was done, in for revisions), we've been public for exactly one day, and so far we have 100% customer conversion rate from our old shop to the new one!

I made the website in an afternoon, so it's nothing fancy, but here it is if anyone is intersted:


Thanks for reading!

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That detail back when I was learning would easily be 12-16 hours...  I was absolutely stunned that I could do that quality of work in only 5 hours...

I was definitely sore the next day, my shoulders ached, because when polishing I would do 3 panels before buffing the remainder off, nonstop go go go finish down, apply polish to next panel, continue on... I think I finished the compounding step in about 2.5 hours, then spent 1.5 hours on the finishing polish step, then another hour or so cleaning the chrome, applying a final coat of wax, cleaning the windows, etc.

Interesting.  Thanks for the info! 


Oh man I love that truck - stellar.  I'm currently looking for an old pickup - not a restoration, the rustier the better.  I want to use it as a focal point for a new landscaping area on our property.  I'm watching a few 51-53 Ford pickups on eBay and Craigslist right now.  I'll see if I can snag one and get it moved out here. 

We finally got our summer wheels put on the Van, I do believe it's my best marketing tool.  We have had such great response from anyone that sees it, we're not just another badged up Econoline :)


Well we are nearing the one year mark, and this has been an unbelievable ride. 

Who knew (besides you guys, lol) that I could double my income in one year?  Next year looks even better!

We are looking to open a new and better location in Kelowna, where most of our business is... a bit scary doing this so fast, but the opportunity came up for a brand new development, built out to our standards, on a busy frontage road, and front-row corner to a new bypass being build through the city.  Rent will be almost exactly double what we are paying now, and the shop will be roughly double the size.  It will have a comfortable front office with a waiting room, a separate office for me, and includes a full size load bearing mezzanine to store all our stuff!!!

I really REALLY want to keep our current location as well, for a few different reasons.  The emotional reason is that it is close to home, I like having project cars, my business partner just bought an 81 Cutlass, and we need somewhere to tinker on them close to home without having to drive 30 minutes to the main shop.  This also separates work & play, which I think is a good thing. 

As well, having the other shop is a 100% taxable write off, the rent and utilities will go against our income, and as long as we do SOME work out of the shop, enough to pay rent and pay for the lights, we essentially have a free workshop :)

I will post some photos of the new shop once we get it concreted.

Thanks again everyone for all your support!

man this is motivational stuff, congrats!.. i need to find my niche and get on it

After tallying up our first full year in business, we did just a hair over 300k in total sales... And this year is looking amazing so far.  Our competitors have become so complacent or just plain don't know how to have a successful company, and I still thank Dan for opening my eyes to what a good employee, employer, and business should look like, act like, and be like.

Looking to break $500k this year :) 

Way to go man! That is fantastic!!! 

Been 15 months since my last reply! 

I surpassed my goal for 2016, we did somewhere in the neighbourhood of $550k in total sales.  Awesome.

So far in 2017 we are CRUSHING IT!  My goal is $750k in 2017 and we are hitting our targets! 

I have been able to take a great wage, leased a 2016 Chevy Colorado *loaded* for my work and personal vehicle, and we are still skyrocketing upwards, with no hint of slowing down.

Just thought I'd pop in and say things are going AWESOME!


Thanks for the continued encouragement.  Congratulations!

Tyler - man I'm just seeing this.  Holy Moley - that's awesome!  What an amazing launch of your business.  Congratulations on taking massive action and doing the work to get you to this point.

Congratulations Tyler! This is fantastic. You should be very proud of yourself for making this happen.

What I love most is that your dream is auto glass and detailing. I'm so happy you've found what works for you.

Congrats again!


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