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We just finally applied for our Business License yesterday, Leading Edge Glass is now open!  We are still renovating our lease space, building an office & a bathroom... but we are also completely mobile, able to do replacements on site at dealerships and body shops!

It is a partnership with me and my best friend, which we have been working together for the past 3-5 years in the same industry.  My friend has many accounts that will follow him anywhere, and I grew up in the Autoglass business with my family. 

In addition we will also be doing Auto & Boat Detailing (my forte), and buying/selling cars as well. 

Figure I had to post here that I am finally following my dream and opening our own business, doing what we love!!  THANK YOU 48 Days, the book that opened my eyes that I wasn't happy where I was, and I needed to start looking for what truly makes me want to work.  Like they say, if you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life!

We're still in the exciting beginning steps, having a logo designed (first proof was done, in for revisions), we've been public for exactly one day, and so far we have 100% customer conversion rate from our old shop to the new one!

I made the website in an afternoon, so it's nothing fancy, but here it is if anyone is intersted:


Thanks for reading!

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Years ago I started a business called Auto Appeal.  We did aftermarket accessories for the car dealers in our area.  I was new to the area but I went around and talked to my potential customers in advance of starting the business.  They were all very receptive to the idea and true to their word, became immediate customers when I was ready to go.  I exceeded all my projections very quickly - had a blast in that business.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did mine.

Thanks for your reply Dan!  I always liked listening to your podcast because I feel like you've been where I am, buying & selling cars that most of the time just need some cleaning & basic maintenance. 

We had the same instant success with our customers that were aware of our start-up, everyone gave encouraging words and became customers as soon as we opened.  The Autoglass market in our area is fairly saturated, but there is not a focus on clean quality work, most shops are just flying along seeing only numbers.  We take pride in each replacement we do, even if we are doing 10 in a day, and I think that in time will be our main selling point.

We just got approved by our government insurance company for glass claims, so that is a HUGE weight off our shoulders and in the new year we should be absolutely ROCKING.  I need to remember to offer detailing to the windshield customers, as it is a very complimentary business.

We just got 500 flyers made up, which I will be personally handing out to each and every business in our community, and when that is done, I will be walking through neighbourhoods handing them out house by house.  I truly believe this will ignite the rockets, as getting our name out is not easy without spending big $$$ on advertising.  I like this personalized approach :)

I've attached a photo of the flyer, and a photo of our location with our new mobile installation Van.  Let me know what you think!


Tyler - that sounds like an excellent plan.  Too many businesses today get enamored with social media but businesses like yours still work well with common sense marketing.  

Dan, thanks for your books, and thanks for sharing what you do. 

I am looking forward to by far and away the most profitable years of my life, personally and professionally.  I'm so glad I started when I did, every year waiting 'until the time is right' is another year not living up to my full potential.  It only took 4 months to turn an idea into a profitable and sustainable business.

I can't believe how easily I can forsee bringing home 6 figures now :)

Outstanding!  I love success stories.  So very encouraging. 


First off great job not only getting the ball rolling but keeping it going!!!! I know how exciting it is to start a business but also know the fears and other emotions that come with it. 

I would love to have you on my podcast to share your journey with our listeners. It is SHIFTing WORK Podcast with me and my co-host Van. Our focus is the blue collar worker that wants to find the freedom he/she deserves and to get away from the time clock. 

Sharing your pain and struggles along with all the great success you are having would be a great inspiration to our listeners. 

Again Congrats on rocking it out and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out!!!!

Hey there!  If you want to connect and see if it would be a viable discussion, I'm all for it!

March 2nd, and still I have nothing but great news.  We beat January's numbers even though February has fewer working days AND a holiday mixed in.  I do believe this early spring has something to do with it, though...

We have been showing ~$6k profit both months this year, and by the end of next month I hope to have the bank account built up enough that we can start taking a bi-weekly wage.  That is going to be a great feeling.

Some photos of our latest paint restoration detail... I think it's right up Dan's alley :)






This was definitely a shining (hah pun) example of me following my true passion, polishing classic cars is something I find so enjoyable I am blessed to be able to make money doing it.

Glass will always pay the bills, but polishing cars is what I love to do :)

Interesting... I was enamored of polishing for a while, but patience is not my virtue.  How much time did you have in that truck?

Well if you count the years of learning, I have about 10 years into that truck :)  I doubt anyone with less than 10 years experience could have done that detail, it took meticulous finessing with a rotary polisher around many scary sharp edges to turn out that well...  a random orbital polisher just wouldn't have produced such a deep shine.  I tried.

But having said that, we probably have about 5 hours of polishing to get that result.  We pegged it at $400 for the detail, and the customer gave us a $40 tip :)

No way I could get anywhere near that in 5 hours.  That stuff always takes me forever, and I then I can always see all the spots I miss.  I contemplated detailing at one time, worked on my own cars, but just couldn't come to terms with my results.  Nice work.


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