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We just finally applied for our Business License yesterday, Leading Edge Glass is now open!  We are still renovating our lease space, building an office & a bathroom... but we are also completely mobile, able to do replacements on site at dealerships and body shops!

It is a partnership with me and my best friend, which we have been working together for the past 3-5 years in the same industry.  My friend has many accounts that will follow him anywhere, and I grew up in the Autoglass business with my family. 

In addition we will also be doing Auto & Boat Detailing (my forte), and buying/selling cars as well. 

Figure I had to post here that I am finally following my dream and opening our own business, doing what we love!!  THANK YOU 48 Days, the book that opened my eyes that I wasn't happy where I was, and I needed to start looking for what truly makes me want to work.  Like they say, if you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life!

We're still in the exciting beginning steps, having a logo designed (first proof was done, in for revisions), we've been public for exactly one day, and so far we have 100% customer conversion rate from our old shop to the new one!

I made the website in an afternoon, so it's nothing fancy, but here it is if anyone is intersted:


Thanks for reading!

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Congratulations on your new business.  It sounds like you have the experience in the field and are taking action.  I love the conversion rate.  It would be almost criminal if you didn't invite more customers into your business!  Your site looks great.  All of the needed information.  One thing that did surprise me was when I clicked the social media icons in the footer it took me to the website manufacturer's account (wix) instead of yours.  People often go to a Facebook Page to get a better sense of a company, read reviews and just have another proof source.  You may want to see if you can have these redirected to your accounts.

I just got a chip in my windshield this summer and know I need to have it filled before winter.  Guess Kalamazoo, MI is out of your territory....for now.

All the best, - Tom

Congratulations.  Thanks for letting us know here.  Any chance I could convince you to report back in 3 months, 6 months, and a year and let us hear some of the stories as it develops?  I love to hear those things.

Absolutely I'll report back, 48Days isn't exactly on my daily check regime, but I do wander on here every few weeks!

We are just finishing renovations right now on the office, ready to mud/paint, and waiting for my business license before I can get our main insurance company on board.  We've officially been open a week and a half, and every day last week we did work, and so far we have done work every day this week too!  I am amazed that we are already making enough $$ to almost offset the costs of operating on a daily basis.

We are almost at 3 months, (ok 2 months) and I have to update... we have almost a half-dozen bodyshop clients, at least 1 dealership client, and most of the trucking companies and repair facilities in our neighbouring city.  This has kept us busy enough to pay the bills for the first 2 months of being open, but without being able to take a paycheque.

Getting the paperwork done and organized is definitely an ordeal, and luckily I have extensive bookkeeping experience so I can keep things in order, I can see that is where a lot of businesses fall short!

Great!  Out of curiosity, what needs to happen in order to draw pay?  Is there enough capacity (time) to have more clients and make more profit?

Oh we're barely even scratching the surface...  In order to draw pay, we need to make at least $10k/month, if we do $15-$20k/month we get to take a wage equal to probably 50k/year.  These first two months we made about $5k/month, just enough to keep the shop open.

The best part, we have the capability to do 30, 40, 50, or more thousand per month with just the two of us... We did $70k in June at our last job, and we knew we could have done even more.  It will just take time to build up the base clientel as well as having word of mouth recommendations.

We are able to comfortably replace 6 windshields a day, most often they are insurance jobs, paying ~$700 average..  So we can comfortably make ~$3500/day if we can get that many customers.  That is definitely the hard part :)

An update to this, we did $72k in sales in March this year, with 3 of us.  Looking to break the 6-digit mark in April/May :)

Tyler, congratulations on the launch. It takes a lot of courage to move to your own business, but you obviously have the skills and ability to do the work, and know the business. Did you and your friend draft a formal partnership agreement? If not, while you are still in the launch phase sit down with someone with some experience in this area and discuss the "what if" questions. It's really cheap insurance against the worst happening, but could really get you out of a jam later if something comes up that you haven't thought about. 

Here are a couple of examples of things you might want to talk about:

  • What if one of you suddenly was unable to work? Do you have insurance in place to cover the 3 Ds?
  • If the business needs money to cover an unexpected expense, who pays it? If you paid in more cash than your partner would you get a bigger share of the business, or is it a loan against the assets of the company?
  • How would divorce affect the business, as in-how would your partner give their ex their share of the value of the company?
  • If you decide to leave to start another company, how do you work the departure? As Steven Covey said, "Begin with the end in mind."

This is a great time to think things through. If you haven't gone through Dan's business plan template, download it from the resources link. It is a tremendous way to plan your business and get organized.

Good luck!

 i was thinking abouut getting into that ?

I completely agree, we are likely going to incorporate in the coming year, and doing so we will have a sit-down with the lawyer and go through exactly what you mentioned.  I appreciate your concern!!

Congratulations! I still remember the first day I launched my business. It was a great feeling, especially since I had wanted to own my own business for so long. Best of luck!

I can't wait to go to work monday morning, this is truly a blessing for me.  Every day we get a little bit further, and we can see very large $ in the near future.... what a feeling!!


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