Anyone willing to share how to do an industry standard sponsorship proposal?  know a good book that would coach me through it?

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Hi Vickie, I've been watching your question to see if anyone would come up on the line and provide an answer. Can you tell us more about what you are looking for? Are you looking for a corporate sponsor for a podcast or blog, do you want a business to pay for a wrap on your car, or are you a professional athlete who wants a business to sponsor your passion? "Standard" is a tough word for any of these agreements. As for books, try these:

- "The Sponship Toolkit," by Kim Skidum-Reid and Anne-Marie Grey.
- "Made Possible By: Succeed with Sponsorship," by Patricia Martin.

And if you have a future Olympic Downhill Skier in the house, try "The Sponsorship Handbook," by Pippa Collett and William Fenton.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

I listened to a webinar about sponsorships... product offered at the end was $1k. As I try and figure out how to get that amount of money dedicated to taking her up on her offer, I'm investigating on how much I can find out about sponsorships on my own. I have multiple websites with quite different audiences and was thinking how nice it would be to have those sponsored by large corporations. I talked to a lady who used to work for the cattlemen's association and she got them a lot of corporate backing... 20 years ago :) I've found really cool resources as I've been calling and talking to all sorts of people in this area. A lot of sponsorship information is directed towards events... something I might tackle in the future but for now I think I'm headed towards having corporations sponsors purchase my craft kits for children in children's hospitals.......

Got it, great! It sounds like an amazing service and matches your talents with such a worthy cause. Congratulations on having the courage to reach out to people in your area--I really think that's going to provide you with more leads than any website or book. As for the details, pitch the product strong, price aggressively, and ask how the sponsor wants to be associated with the effort. When I was working sponsorship programs with our association, the individual companies just wanted to be there when the services were delivered. We listed the sponsors on our newsletter and annual awards dinner program.

thanks for the tips!



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