Hi everyone,


To start off the new year I am opening up advertising space on my site Social Networks That Pay.


January Special for 48Days.net members:

Option A:

Free for the rest of January 2011 (14 days) then just $25/mth (for a full page ad) for 11 mths then free after 2011. Total cost = $275 for lifetime full page ad

Option B:

$30/mth (for a full page ad) for life. Never pay a penny over $30/mth ($20 off regular mthly price)

For 2011 let me build your traffic for you.




God bless...



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What kind of traffic does your website get? Ad rates without traffic stats are pretty much meaningless.

It seems you only have three pages of content, with one of them being "Advertise" and another "Terms of Service". (No refunds!) And the home page is confusing.

I think perhaps you're getting the cart before the horse in trying to sell ads already?




Hi Reid,


Thanks for the input, the comment, the feedback.

To answer your questions (very good ones at that): It's a start up website that gets about 20 to 30 views a day. I work daily (after hours as I have a day job), in building traffic to the site, while remaining active in my social networks, as that's mainly what I do online - Social Networking - and this results in website views.

While it may look like there are only 3 pages, please bear in mind that "Ad Pages" are not in the navigation bar and the home page is a blog.

You may be right that I may be putting the cart before the horse, but as the website gains exposure, rates will increase as my time will be worth more (I personally advertise clients' ads across social networks, traffic exchanges, ad sites, etc).

Please feel free to keep giving feedback on the site as I love constructive criticism, as it helps to improve what I do and how I do it. Again thanks for the input and feedback on the website and the comment.


God bless..




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