I got the email from Dan yesterday encouraging everyone to move over to the paid community.

Does this mean that 48days.net is going to be shut down in the foreseeable future?

While I would love to make the jump into the paid community, I honestly don't see the $576/year (or $288/year for early adopters) value in it when compared with what I have been seeing/receiving/contributing here on 48days.net.

Perhaps going to a paid model will push a higher engagement between people, reducing "dead" or abandoned accounts, and improving the overall experience, however this in itself is not enough reason for me to invest this significant amount.

While many people in this community have been wildly successful making their side projects their full time ventures and making the leap out of being employees, I have not succeeded at this yet. I have not stopped trying things, moving forward, and periodically sharing along my journey towards making the jump, my budget is so tight each month that I am either breaking even or chipping off of savings.

Forking over $24/month to continue what we have here in an already tight situation is not practical -- at least for my situation. Others might be so successful that this investment would be virtually unnoticed in their budget.

Please convince me what makes the new paid community more valuable than what we have here on 48days.net for free.

Thanks in advance for your replies and for additional information as the transition is happening.


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Yep - again this morning the whole 48Days.net site was down. A very common occurrence. Sometimes I feel that we are riding on a rented bus through the back roads of Kenya - pretty neat experience overall but we're on worn out tires, the driver may not even have a license, and we have no idea if he purchased enough gas for the trip, even though we paid exactly what he asked.

I'm just not thrilled about inviting more people on the bus.

While I didn't notice any downtime, it may have happened earlier in the morning while those in my timezone were still fast asleep. I love the analogy as it is one I can relate to as I have traveled several years back in some remote areas of Central America.

Out of curiousity, is the downtime because Ning is hosting on a bad platform, because we have too many user accounts then Ning is designed for, because something we are doing with this site is putting a strain on servers somewhere, or is it one of those pestky instances where a site goes down for a specific person, but not for the internet at large? (I have had sites of mine go down for me but then say they are available when I check the IsItDownForEveryoneOrJustMe site.)

I definitely understand hesitation on inviting people onto a broken and almost out of gas bus.


Well, whatever does happen, I want to figure out a way to stay in the 48 Days family for the rest of my life. Because y'all ARE exactly that, family. I really have faith in Dan and the 48 Days team in knowing that after everything is said and done, things are gonna be bigger and better for everyone. That's what I've seen happen every since I've known Dan and Joanne.

Having joined the Eagles group I can tell you not only have I found it valuable, but the more active people in this group have shifted their time in that direction.  I tend to check into this site about once a week and I can see that engagement has dropped dramatically.  Alternatively, it is hard to keep up with all the threads on the Eagles site.  I hope Dan keeps this open or finds a way to migrate it because this is a valuable resource with the history of the discussions.  



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