I got the email from Dan yesterday encouraging everyone to move over to the paid community.

Does this mean that 48days.net is going to be shut down in the foreseeable future?

While I would love to make the jump into the paid community, I honestly don't see the $576/year (or $288/year for early adopters) value in it when compared with what I have been seeing/receiving/contributing here on 48days.net.

Perhaps going to a paid model will push a higher engagement between people, reducing "dead" or abandoned accounts, and improving the overall experience, however this in itself is not enough reason for me to invest this significant amount.

While many people in this community have been wildly successful making their side projects their full time ventures and making the leap out of being employees, I have not succeeded at this yet. I have not stopped trying things, moving forward, and periodically sharing along my journey towards making the jump, my budget is so tight each month that I am either breaking even or chipping off of savings.

Forking over $24/month to continue what we have here in an already tight situation is not practical -- at least for my situation. Others might be so successful that this investment would be virtually unnoticed in their budget.

Please convince me what makes the new paid community more valuable than what we have here on 48days.net for free.

Thanks in advance for your replies and for additional information as the transition is happening.


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Thanks for this, looking forward to the responses.

I'm also interested in seeing the responses here. I wrote a very long one.... and then John Maxwell made me cut it out and I decided to listen for a while. :) how's everyone today?

Hi Dan,

Doing well. Looking forward to reading more responses. Perhaps you could chime in later with your very long one. ;)

I've written some long responses in the past as well.

Hope your day is going good too.


Hi Camden! I too felt a little sad when I read the email thinking it maybe the end of an era so to speak. Your post made me jump in with my two cents worth so here goes . . . Coincidently I have just gotten back into the free site recently. I certainly hope the standard .net site can continue and thrive. It is such a unique and special place for camaraderie and free sharing of ideas, information, thoughts, feelings, struggles, and yes of course success stories too! While I'm sure the paid venue will be very helpful and valuable for some, I have a strong attraction to an arena where someone helps someone else without money exchanged. I have personally been involved in groups like this and it tends to build deep feelings of gratitude and also fosters generosity, both Godly characteristics that are all too often rare in our culture.

I'm sure for many the .net experience was a boost for the journey to finding work they loved and for some this may be a long journey. I have personally told a fair share of young people about the 48 days.net groups in part because it was a free and friendly support group. I am grateful for the fact that Dan nurtured this site. So many others have contributed in a big way with their time and participation too. It would seem that the ones involved with the subscription site will not have the time for both now. Perhaps some new "volunteers" will step forth. My hope is that both the free and the paid groups can co-exist, continue, and grow even though they are on different paths.

Okay, that's probably more like a dollars worth rather than two cents :-) Hopefully others will share their thoughts.

Hi Joanne,

I agree with you. I am not against Dan having a paid group. I am actually a little surprised that he has waited this long to start one. In some ways this speaks to his desire to help others connect regardless of the potential monetary gain.

However, the way the email was worded implied an abandonment of the 48days.net site by Dan and his team. This would mean that this 8 year collection of discussions and helpful information would a some point vanish overnight as it is part of what gets cut and then left to expire.

I hope that doesn't happen, but this appears to be the handwriting on the wall. At the very least, new volunteer leaders would need to step up on the free site since it appears that most of them have taken the monetary plunge into the new group.

Looking forward to reading more responses.


Cam, I had the same question and sent it to Jen McDonough:

--------Original Message-----------
"From Lee Flint to Jen McDonough "Th…
Sent Jan 2
Hi Jen; I'm examining the 48DaysEagles Group invitation and trying to determine what it offers us that we don't already get at 48days.net. I've already read Dan's materials, and often see messages from his cadre of experts in the groups and forums. What am I missing? Happy New Year! Lee

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the note!!

Here is the note directly back from Dan and Brian:
"I believe the biggest advantage is the community we'll develop in the facebook group, but I'd also mention the resource library (not part of 48Days.net), and the weekly mentor webinars we'll be starting up."

I joined myself as the accountability as well as access to the resource library will be helpful. I noticed in the last few days Dan has been really active in the group so just having access to him as well as the other high achievers is very helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Lee, hope your 2017 rocks!
So...what you're paying for is Dan's attention and energy. He charges thousands of dollars for this on a one-on-one basis and you can get it for $24/mo (until Feb 17). That's a bargain if that's what you need.

Will he continue to maintain 48Days.net? Some of that is up to us. Are we active? Do we invite our friends? Is the site growing or is it an echo chamber for a few dozen people who come by daily to read the Twitter posts repeated on 48Days.net.

If this community doubled in subscribers this year I'd wager that Dan would keep it running. If it continues to limp along with 16,000 occasional posters I'd put my money on 48Days.net being among the 15% of "things" that Dan sets aside to make room for other priorities.

So, what are WE going to do about it?

Hi Lee,

Thanks for sharing what Jen had responded to you. I completely understand paying for Dan's attention and energy, whether it is one on one for a high dollar amount, or spread over a community paying a little every month. I agree with you that if getting access to Dan is what someone needs, then $24 (or $48) for one month or two is a great bargain.

The flaw in this line of thinking that people will stick around for months. I am curious to know about this "library of resources". Is Dan moving to a membership gets everything model where all his past products are digitally available for those in this new group? If so, this would have value, but not indefinite value. The new "paid" group will prune itself as people determine that they cannot afford to keep paying for it -- it is just a matter of when that happens.

I agree that the pendulum swing from free to paid solves one challenge, but it doesn't do much to actually fix the broken parts of 48days.net.

Dan's email stated that "Frankly, we have overloaded the capabilities of the 48days.net template. We’re finding glitches, downtime, and limitations for how we can communicate with each other. We have stretched the capacity of the design that was amazing eight years ago, but now is showing its limitations."

If the Ning "template" is the issue, then does Ning have better templates that would work better, or is the problem with the Ning platform itself. This isn't very clear from what Dan wrote.

I've noticed occasional downtime, but I am curious to the glitches and limitations that are now showing up that were not there before. Is 16,000 the magic "max" number that a Ning site can manage, or is Ning as a platform not advancing with the changing web technologies? Is the lure of simply running a Facebook group seem simpler and easier 'because everyone is already on Facebook'? Maybe, but I for one am not on Facebook, and am unlikely to join simply because of this.

Part of me wishes there was a happy medium between forking over hundreds of dollars a year and a site full of abandoned users and occasional posters.

If the number of inactive members is the problem with the Ning site, then perhaps a roll call would work to clean house -- except that old users content would also be deleted with their account. (That is something I can understand but dislike with Ning.) However, if the site vanishes and is shut down, then we would effectively have the same result.

The trend I have seen take place in 48days.net is that people come in, get help from others, stick around for a little while listening, learning, and sharing, then move on and leave their accounts inactive. About the only advantage to a paid group is that they move on faster and delete their membership when they do. But this is the same way with every single membership site -- and most all paid membership sites keep track of how many months members stay before leaving.

To share a response for your last question, I don't really know what "we" are going to do about it. We can be more active, but that doesn't solve the huge inactive, abandoned account problem. We could do a role call (where a message is sent out and only the people who respond within a set period of time keep their account/membership), but all the site admins seem to have their energy focused on building the new paid thing and not fixing the old free one.

If there was a group that was dedicated to helping the free site continue, perhaps Dan (and team) would be willing to bring them on to help with it, but that would be contingent on it not being part of the lowest 15%. I have not heard if this site is currently in the lowest 15% based on his new year planning, but I'm betting that it is with the way he wrote the email.

Anyways, thanks for your response Lee, and like most things, the more answers one gets prompts more questions. If anyone wants to chime in with answers for any of the questions I shared in this response, I'd be happy to learn and read more.

Hope your week/weekend are going well so far.


Cam - I love your insights here.  You are extremely perceptive about seeing what is happening.

Joanne and I are just boarding the 48 Days Cruise, along with a whole lot of 48 Days community members, but I think I want to do an open call maybe on Thursday, the 2nd with anyone who wants to jump on - to discuss all the points you made here.

Your premise is that people would just pay for content:  The new "paid" group will prune itself as people determine that they cannot afford to keep paying for it -- it is just a matter of when that happens.

I don't think anyone will pay for content over the long haul. It's too easy to get in lots of places.  So there has to be something that can't just be more knowledge.  And that's what I intend to make available - a sense of community that people aren't finding elsewhere.  Some of the comments I had in that recent email attest to what people are experiencing.  

So I don't expect members to determine they can't keep paying for it - rather, I expect that because of their involvement, a member's ability to pay will increase dramatically.  The point is that people who invest in their personal development increase their income exponentially.  

Hi Dan,

Thanks for jumping in with your thoughts. While I do share the premise in my original response that people would just pay for the content, it is more along the lines of people "coming for the content and staying for the community". In some ways, this is what 48days.net was founded upon.

However, if the community aspect of 48days.net was what people would stay for, then there is a disconnect in this community because of the number of abandoned accounts. While some people abandoned their accounts simply because the barrier for entering the community was low, I am wondering if some of these accounts represent people who simply came, got the help they needed, and moved on. I also wonder if some of these accounts represent people who came and did not get the help they needed.

You're correct that content is too easy to get in lots of places and that something else is necessary. Community is a great buzz word to use, but in 2017 in my mind, this is an over-hyped cliche that has lost its meaning. You could simply say this is your launch of an online mastermind community, because that sounds more like what you are describing, and while it does sound like it fills a need, I see it being distinctly different from 48days.net.

I agree that people who invest in their personal development will increase their income. I have earned money through a number of entrepreneurial side projects based on growing myself and my skill set.

However, I am one example of someone who has not increased my income "exponentially" based on my involvement in this 48days.net community. While it's possible this new community would be different, I have yet to see anything to make me believe this.

Every community has people who are growing, and this either means that the community as a whole will be growing, or people in the community will out-grow it. Regardless of someone's ability to pay increasing or decreasing, there will be a point when a member of the new community will move on.

I am not upset at you moving to a paid community model. Like I have said in earlier comments, I am surprised you have not added a paid element to your community earlier. I do feel bad for those in this community like me who are not able/willing to pay hundreds of dollars per year for your new community -- and who it really appears like you are leaving behind with your choice to move to a paid community model.

I've added March 2 to my calendar and looking forward to learning more about the open call that may be on that day regarding the fate of the free community.

With whatever happens, I want to thank you for the 8 years of 48days.net and for the opportunity to connect with you and tons of other amazing people during this time!


I hope you're right!

Thanks for putting your thoughts and concerns on the line before everyone here Cam. I personally have no doubts whatsoever about the community's ability to far more that deliver on the investment with Dan and other great leaders at the helm. I know being a member of other communities with great leaders, and they ALWAYS up the ante with more and more value time and again. And most of that comes from the highly engaged community, is tested and currated so that all can benifit from the ideas and strategies.
Where I struggle a little is that this is the next growth step for (and I agreen it's critical) providing increased long term value in more than one group that I frequent. For me there are only 2 groups that I get enough value from to justify this, and the first is a very niche group that I am very active in and regularly provide value there. The 2nd is here with a broader application, to provide and receive help more freely accross the whole spectrum of success in life. If I need a coach or guidence about general life, leadership, relationships/marriage I am probably going to turn here for those things that are not directly applicabe to the niche that one of my 3 businesses serves in.
Oh and I'm 26, (didn't choose to graduate no college) living on the edge of my seat, and it's scary, every day, but I am not willing to lead my family down the path of regretting the things we never aspired to because they looked daunting or they MIGHT NOT WORK. We have to be ok with that and just embrace the tension. They might work is equally ok. Nothing is sure in life except that it will be over soon. Make it count. Go matter. It might only cost $24 and some dedication blood sweat and ...yada yada. Or do whatever it is that will set your life on a path to make the difference you were born for. Dan wouldn't instruct you that it is garrunteed the right choice for you and netheir will I. But do Something NOW to break the vicious circle.

Hi Dan G.,

Thanks for your response. I truly believe that Dan Miller's (the "Dan" in this rest of this response) new group is great for some of his tribe, including those who are at a certain place in their career and entrepreneurial journey, and I don't doubt that it will include more than the cost in value -- for those at that specific place of their journey. Like you shared in your response, I wonder if this group is the right next step for me.

Using your framing of the two groups that you frequent, I definitely could see a "non-niche specific" value in Dan's group. Perhaps I need to find a niche community to be involved in. This is something that your response has pointed out I am missing which could help my journey.

Some people might consider me crazy, but I have been working the same product (developing, improving, sharing, refining, repeating) for past 6 1/2 years. During this time, I have significantly grown my skills in web development, speaking ability, writing, podcasting, and overall strategy. The area I still am weak in is marketing and sales -- and this is the most evident in the fact I have not made enough sales to even cover the hosting costs involved to run the site.

I suppose part of my frustration with this 48days.net move has absolutely nothing to do with Dan, his team, and the decision to move to a paid community model. In some regards I feel left behind in this decision because I am not able (or willing) to commit to $24/month if it is something that: takes more time away from working on my business; spending time with my family; is too similar to what I have received for free with 48days.net; and is a burden on our already stretched finances.

While I am not saying Dan is doing what I am about to describe with this move to a paid model, I do see similarities. Many times I see as a leader becomes more successful, and as a part of the leader's tribe grows with them, the temptation is to start focusing more energy on the successful part of the tribe and continue growing with them -- which ultimately leaves a greater gap between the leader and the part of the tribe that is growing at a slower pace. I feel like part of this slower group -- as either someone who doesn't have enough time in their week to juggle a full time day job, a family (with toddler & baby), and spending time growing their business; and/or someone who has focused on the wrong things and has had my business growth suffer as a result. This tension has affected my involvement with the current 48days.net, and I don't imagine there would be any less tension if I were to join the new group. The financial investment probably would increase the tension.

I am not afraid of trying new things, failing, or even doing hard work. I am not afraid of investing money in personal development and/or tools to help with my business. What I am hesitant to spend money on is a membership site that I don't see helping develop the business I have been working on for this many years, and a membership site that I might feel internally obligated to stay in simply because I got it at half-price.

For example, if I try the membership site for 3 months, don't see a tangible result or improvement in my business, I don't want to feel like I should simply stay in it simply because I would be required to pay full price to return later. I completely understand the scarcity at play in this early adopter deal, but my personality (DC/CD) is one that is more content simply passing on the opportunity since the benefits are not aligned with where I feel I need help.

Since Christmas, I have purchased several (4) Udemy courses during their holiday/January sale, and have been learning, growing, and planning the next stages of both personal and technical growth. With these purchases, I spent a little less than $50 (one time) and will be working through applying what I learn in these courses over the next 3-4 months.

I am working to break the stalemate I feel stuck in with my business. While I don't know if what I am learning during this next stretch of learning will break the vicious circle, I know that eventually I will succeed. I hope my response isn't too long and that i sheds more light on where I'm coming from.



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