I wanted to prove a point to one of my coaching clients. So on Christmas I shared a story from my childhood on a platform named Medium. If you haven't heard of medium it is an online magazine that allows you to be a contributor. My point was that with a little effort you could garner a lot of attention in a short time frame.

I am not an amazing writer, but my client is. I wanted to showcase that he could be successful with his writing skills. He had been lacking some self value and I think that it is important to share wins with your clients. So I posted this article and in less than 24 hours I had over 800 views on my story. 

Now my story was specific to the Christmas season, but I plan on posting more here to extend my reach. My whole point in this is to share that even though you may feel that blogging and article writing are "saturated" There are still ways for you to stand out. 

If you want to check out the article feel free: https://medium.com/@allandubon/santa-carried-a-hefty-bag-cee1b39dc6...

Tell me what you think!! If I can help answer any questions please leave them below and I will answer all of them! Here's to a prosperous new year for everyone!

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I regularly push my daughter out of her comfort zone to prove a point.  Her last semester in college she was doing a marketing project on Mark Cuban.  I told her she should email him, which she thought was silly.  I told her I would pay her $10 to do it.  She got a real response within minutes and was very excited.  it gave her more confidence and impressed her teacher too.  

Dude that is awesome!!! I love hearing stories like this!

I hope she gon an A on her project. Her marketing worked and got a response from the man himself!

If you happen to have the orange cover version of The Four Hour Work Week - there's a story on page 173(?) about me reaching out to the Commander of Apollo 13.

Nice!! I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree LOL.


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