Greetings all. This is my first discussion post so bare with me. My topic is on personality assessments, and how or if they should sway my career. I messaged Dan Miller for this to be a podcast topic (still waiting for that). Anyway I am in print sales which I do like, but I also have not let go of my desire to do graphic design. I have taken several DISC profiles, and just recently the PEAC assessment. They were all pretty consistent with low D, mid to high I and S, and a mid rang C. I have been told that maybe sales isn't for me, and have actually been turned down by two companies due to these results. The good thing is I do have the results so I know where my strengths and weaknesses are. Is there really much stock in these tests, and am I really barking up the right tree being in sales? As I mentioned I do like it, but am struggling to rock my commission check. I look forward to everyones thoughts from those who choose to chime in.

Thank you

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I personally prefer the StrengthsFinder 2.0. With 34 different areas of strength, the test ranks your top five and has excellent descriptions of each. I know lots of people love the DISC - if that works for you, great. I just found it too vague. Also, after hearing Dan on his podcast mention that he and Donald Trump are in the same high D category, I really started to question the usefulness of the DISC. I've heard Dan talk about different types of sales to fit different personality types. If you like it, to heck with the tests. Just find a good fit for you. I hope that helps.

Wow. Thank you for the reply, and information Scott. I just heard of StrengthsFinder 2.0 through our church. Our 9th grade confirmation class is going through it. I will be checking that out. My hopes are that I find my true strengths were I can combine being a sales rep with being a graphic designer and rock my commissions.

Gary - the key is not to try to remake yourself but to match the selling model with your personality style.  I answered this in depth in this week's podcast - will be up Friday morning.

Dan - Thanks for taking the time in answering this subject in your up coming Podcast. I have been struggling with this for a while. There is an inner struggle going on inside me. I still consider myself a designer, but have been out of practice for a while as I grow my self as a sales rep. I also enjoy sales, and the whole process, but I doubt I would be selling if it was anything other than print. So my instincts are telling me to find a way to combine the two. Back on topic my concern was with these personality tests creating doubt.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing the up coming episode as I do everyone. 


I've been really intrigued recently with Dan's mention of "passive sales" as a way for people to look at increasing their income with strengths that are not as high in the areas that work with "traditional" sales methods.  I have had sales jobs (jewelry, furniture) and it wasn't my thing.  I got a job working in a creative field where I was able to do costume design (my passion) and really excelled at what Dan would call "passive" sales.  By learning about web sites and SEO, I was able to generate leads and create significant increases in our business there. 

Now that I'm not at that position, I've developed a side business doing graphic design on print-on-demand, or POD, websites selling products and t-shirts.  This type of passive sales has allowed me to do something incredibly creative and also use that same creativity to drive leads to my products. 

I share this because maybe there is a way to change your sales approach that supports your creativity.  Either way, good luck to you in your professional development!

Thank you for the support Bonnie, and great ideas on the passive sales side of things. I have always been told to take nay-sayers with a grain of salt, but when they back it up with assessments like these they seem to speak a little more louder. I have recently started picking up my fine art skills again. Maybe there are ways I can exploit that into something bigger into the passive income arena.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful day.

I recently concluded facilitating a 48 Days Workshop with 40 participants and there was one lady in the last session said she did not like doing some sales she did in a family business before.

However, I reminded her of how excited she was and how she "sold" the group on her passion - fitness and nutrition.  My point to her was to remember the following:  Everyone can sell, when they are selling what they are passionate about.  I absolutely agree with Dan about different matching the selling model with your personality.

I would also like to remind you what "sales" means.  Sales is sharing with enthusiam.  Find what you are passionate and enthusiastic about and sell it!  You may not be belly to belly or eye to eye to sell it, but you can transfer that enthusiasm and passion to whatever sales model you choose.

Last thought.  We all "sell" everyday.  We sell our attitude.  We sell our skills.  We sell our ideas.  We sell our kids on the benefits of them cleaning their room.    In some way, we are selling ourselves all day.  I tell everyone they are a salesman.  They just need to find out their passion and pick the way they want to sell it.

Great thoughts Don. I agree we all have to sell at some point everyday. I like selling, and enjoy the process. Hopefully soon I will be rocking some commissions and not look back. I am in rebuild mode since being laid off last spring. I moved into commercial printing from packaging which is a bit more competitive, and is taking longer than I am having patience for.

The assessments I took seem to be spot on. They say I tend to let deals drag out a little, I over think decisions, let the prospects control things a little. But since I know this now I am working on it to help speed my ramp up to a solid book once again. As mentioned if I can combine my creative / graphic design skills into my sales gig I believe I can prove the ones who turned me down wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Gary - I am going to give it a shot to upload a portion of a manual I have for a workshop I do called Master's Millionheirs.  It is a business/entrepreneur workshop.  I devote a lot of time to sales.  If you will message me your private email I will try to send some mp3 stuff your way that goes with the manual pages. 

Its free!  Just want to encourage you in hopes that 2 or 3 things stick out and can take you up a notch. 

Again, give me your personal email and I will see what I can do to get you the three mp3's that go with the sales info.  They really do go hand in hand.


Thanks Don for the Master's Millionheirs Sales pdf. There is some really good information there!

Kathleen - You are very welcome!  I could not send the audio to Gary the way I wanted to so I had to improvise, which as it turns out is a good thing.

The 5 or so hours of teaching that goes with the sales pdf's is available for anyone to listen too or download.  If you or anyone is interested, you can click this link and then launch the media player.


I would like to point out that this audio teaching is "raw".  It has not been edited.  It was recorded with a group of about 12 or so participants and they ask questions and interact.  There may be a some times when what they say is not picked up by the mic, but the teaching is all there.

It is open to everyone to listen too or download.  It will be up for several weeks.



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