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Part time jobs (short term cash flow) for business owners


I recently got into a cash flow shortage and was thinking about ways to make up the difference.  So I brainstormed a few ideas as how I could make a little extra cash.  Below are a couple of ideas I had.


* Delivering newspapers - to consumer and business.  I know of someone who made two runs a week to a small town 4 hours away.


* Blogging/internet marketing sites.  Always a good option but can take a long term to generate realistic cash


* Working third shift at grocery stores or warehouses stocking and inventorying items.


What has worked for you to help generate short term cash flow?

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depends.......what time of day are you looking to do the work for the extra cash flow?

They have day and night classes generally if you have a bachelor degree you can teach associate classes. Masters you can teach bachelor classes. It can be a 12 week gig plus tutoring.
Then there is also public schools always looking for substitue teachers.
handyman jobs
It's an intersesting question... You are a business ownber , right? Why not expend the extra time you would have to work a part time job and hone your marketing and sales skills so that you can generate more sales in the future. I don't know what type of business you have , but I would suuggest the above and maybe add on to or extend the business concept outward to capture another segmet of the market.

Hi, how do you go about finding internet sites that are looking for bloggers (bullet point number2?) I'd love to look into doing this. I love to write, and would love to blog for a website and get paid for it at the same time.



You may get extremely lucky and find a paying gig right away but it's not likely. You'll need create a following first, then take the readership you've built and market it to different sites. They are going to pay you for the number of hits you can bring to the website, so if you don't have a following, you're not likely to get paid. A lot of online sites and trade sites and hardcopy journals always look for content, so consider writing and submitting your articles to those sights to be posted. Make sure you have your byline with your blog website on it to drive traffic, and don't expect to be paid for those articles either.

Hey Tamara!

I think your best bet is to target an existing business without a blog. Most businesses today are aware of the importance of an online presence, but a lot of them haven't yet made the leap. If you've got a compelling portfolio of writing and a demonstrated knowledge on the business, you might be able to avoid the process of having to build up a following, as Antonio Zavala pointed out. 


Make sure, though, that you work w/a biz that does stuff you like and believe in.


If you'd like more resources, just send me a message. I'd be glad to dig into this idea a little more deeply with you. Business blogging is one of my main income streams, so... I've got a bit of experience.


- Josh


- Josh

Hi there Josh,

Star here …. How are you? I was viewing a few responses you posted to {Part time jobs (short term cash flow) for business owners} and I thought I'd shoot you a quick message.  I am not in that same group but sometimes I like to read various discussions.  Well I have a few questions for you and maybe you can give me a few answers. 


You've noted that have a great portfolio of writing.  Is this one that you have created?  I have grown
very found of Writing myself and over the past four years been doing a lot of it.  I have thought about doing a portfolio for a few of my present projects such as Writing and Graphics, would love to see your own if you can send it to me.  Hopefully one day I can make great money from my Writing thru my Blog at

http://achangers.blogspot.com/  but I don't know how to make that work.  Not too mention that there are so many ideas spinning in my head for the projects I have now but they all take time and a lot of effort especially to get them in the market to make great money from them.


I've also been very interested in using my Amazon account to make money from but was never sure how to go about it.  Did you have any scary encounters with doing the Craiglist thing?  I think most of my block when it comes to these things is the fact that I'm in an International Zone and a lot of times I try to work with different businesses and find out there is a hang up because I'm not in the US.  I know that there are people out there making a lot of money online and even though I'm in and Int'l Zone I believe I can too, I just have to find a few Great Links.  I've joined SFI which is a free affiliate site but then learnt in order to make it work I have to bring in others and purchase credits to post things I'd like to sell ….. Hmmmm.


When you have items to sell from home - how do you go about packaging and shipping them out?  Do you include all of that in the cost?  Any ideas you can share I'd be happy to read.   I am still a Newbie here at 48 and I believe that there it will be a great asset for me in the long run, I suppose it's just all in the linking up to the right 'peeps' lol.

Well I will end here for now …….. Nice to meet ya and Hope to hear from you.


God Bless,


The Bahamas

Saturday mornings are great for garage sales. My daughter and I love to hit the sales first thing in the morning, and I'm always picking up stuff to sell on eBay or on Craigslist. It's realistic to make $50 bucks or more each week, and that can mean an extra few hundred dollars a month.

Pizza delivery is probably the easiest from what I hear.  Any type of delivery.  

Myself, I'd be doing more photography portrait / etc. sessions.

Pressure washing: $500 to get good gas powered washer and accessories, then do pressure washing of sidewalks / patios / etc. Would help to have extra insurance rider. :)


On the NoMoreMondays podcast today, Justin talked about how to approach businesses with your services, such as doing their websites if it was obvious they needed help.  Could do the same with windows / exterior clean-up / etc. 




If you are looking for a jib that does not involve too much commitment, you might think about taxi driving.  My husband did that while pitting me through medical school.  It's a great way to earn cash.  Good luck!

Hey Richard.


Great question! When I need a shot of cash I typically do these things:

  • freelance writing 
  • online marketing consulting 
  • buying great things off craigslist and reselling on ebay
  • get affiliate commissions (connect great businesses with people who need their services)
  • blogging coaching
  • etc...

Most of these ideas are an extension of things I'm already interested in. I guess the big thing is that I'm finding many new ways to apply my skill set and passions. Does that make sense, Richard?


- Josh

Josh I have been wanting to do more of the affiliate commissions, and freelance writing.  Do you have a suggestion on where to start?

Absolutely, Tony.


I usually take the approach that Dan prescribes in 48 Days to the Work You Love; I spend a lot of time researching companies that my skills would be a good fit for. I then begin to 'flirt' with 'em - I'll email them a cool article that pertains to what they're about, etc...


As far as the affiliate commissions go, the biggest thing is to be connected with people. Know the skills and needs of everyone you meet. From there, it's a simple process of connecting the dots, introducing people to other people, etc...


Does this make sense, Tony?


- Josh


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